2018 Plans

I really need to get back into this blog thing properly. Happy new year to my lovely readers! I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for a couple years or so now; it’s been a long ride, but I’ve enjoyed it. I look back over my first post and up until now – I feel … Continue reading 2018 Plans


Check On Those You Love

Hey you guys. Let’s just get right into it. Guys, checking on people is important. Honestly, you never know who may be going through the storm. Whether it be through education troubles, maybe financial troubles, or maybe they just feel lost and alone. Please don’t ever forget to check on the people you love and … Continue reading Check On Those You Love

Working for the Luxuries

I AM BACK! Lord – I haven’t blogged in so long. For that, I deeply apologize. University just slapped me in the face, HARD. I can’t even put into words how busy I’ve been trying to manage assignments and internships and all sorts. BUT I’M BACK (you all have no idea how happy I am … Continue reading Working for the Luxuries