To all my former friends in life:

You know, it’s crazy. I really thought we’d be friends forever. I thought I would always be able to talk to you all, that we would always be able to have a laugh together. I thought that we would be a family – I really did.

I was wrong – but that’s okay…

For a long time, I never wanted to see any of you ever again. Instead of looking at the bigger picture and basically looking at how maybe we all drifted apart, I chose to be angry. I should not have done that, and I am sorry. But it doesn’t change things, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve moved on, it doesn’t change the fact that things are strained between us – nothing changes.

I do not miss any of you. No, I don’t mean that in a negative way, I just mean that I don’t miss you. I no longer wonder what you all may be doing. There’s nothing there for me and I no longer wish to be included in your lives. I needed to grow up and get away, I needed to move on. I don’t mean that in a horrible way, I’m just saying. Things change and friends grow apart; that’s just the circle of life, and that is okay.

I wish all of you well. I hold no grudges against you. I wish you all happiness and health and fun and life – I have no horrible feelings towards anyone. I hope all of your dreams are starting to come true, I hope your lives are starting to shape out the way you want them to. I hope you don’t spend nights crying and blaming yourselves for situations that are out of your control. I hope you find happiness, I hope you find love, I hope you live your life FOR YOU and no one else.

I’m doing well. My dreams involving my career seem to be falling into place, I have a few friends I’ve made since being at college, so things are going well. I’m doing what I have to do to make my dreams come true, to become that person I’ve been trying to be for a long time. I’m finally growing into my own skin, I’m doing my own thing and becoming my own person. I don’t do things to fit in; I do what I have to do to be the best person I can be – myself.

Maybe we will cross paths again in the next few years. I will say hello and maybe you will to, our kids perhaps will timidly peek around at each other and wonder who one another is. We will probably have a brief conversation about what we’ve been up to over the last few years, and hopefully you’ll explain that your life has turned out the way you’ve longed for it to turn out to. I wish you all well, I hope your dreams come true like mine are starting to do.

God bless you all!

-Me xo