“Even though it’s at the end, a brand new morning can begin; and the sun will shine again…” -Cheryl (“Waiting”, 2010)

Hey you!

Yeah you – the one reading this. I have a hunch that you’re feeling sad. You’re feeling worthless, like nothing will ever go right for you. You feel like your whole world is crashing down around you with all these horrible things are happening that not you, your family, or your friends can stop. You feel overwhelmed with such a sadness that is inexpiable. It probably feels like this horrible feeling is consuming your whole life, and you probably feel like no one in this world understands how you feel. You can’t put it into words and explain; all you can do is think about this feeling over and over again as the tears fall down your cheeks. You think about this feeling while you desperately try to compose yourself and put on that false smile for everyone to see.

Am I right?

So hey you, I want you to know something. YOU ARE BRAVE AND BEAUTIUL. You have a purpose in this world just like everyone else. You’re brave for getting up and facing everyday head on. You’re strong for getting up every day and trying your hardest to fight back against the feelings and thoughts that keep you awake at night. You may not see it now, but one day when you’re old and grey, you’ll look back on this time period with a smile on your face, a feeling of strength like you’ve never felt before. You’ll have your spouse that you’ve been married to for like fifty (or more) years, you’ll have your adult children that are married with kids of their own, you’ll have done your dream job for years and now retired, and you’ll have your nice house in the beautiful country side. You’ll look back on this time period with a smile on your face and you’ll be able to say three words,

“I made it.”

And you’ll realize that you had a fight left in you when you thought you didn’t, that the flame of determination never died and kept you going even when you so desperately wanted to give up.

The storm never lasts forever; the sun always comes out and shines again.

Stay strong always.

-Me xo