I rarely blog about anything involving the celebrity world. The few blogs I’ve posted so far focus on topics effecting society today or personal topics like family and friends. However, today I wanted to blog about one of my favorite celebrities, singer-songwriter Cheryl (formerly Cole; current last name that shall not be used). She’s my favorite singer, but also one of the nicest, most respectful people that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. I haven’t met her in person, but I’ve been tweeted and messaged by her a couple times, which is pretty cool. She probably doesn’t really remember me or realize the impact her music has on me, but all I can say is that she’s pretty awesome.

And she’s been through enough…

In her 2012 autobiography, Cheryl: My Story, Cheryl did perhaps one of the scariest, most daring things she could have done – she put herself out there for the world to see, told her story to millions, hardly holding anything back. She spoke about her rough childhood growing up on a council estate in Newcastle, about the difficulty of adjusting to fame from the age of 19-20, spoke, about a life-threatening illness that gave her a wake-up call about taking control of the rollercoaster that was her life. She also gave insight about her relationships – and it seemed that all of which ended with her heartbroken and having to somehow pick up the pieces.

Cheryl is a strong woman, in my eyes. Reading about some of the challenges she faced growing up, from being told by teachers that she would “never amount to anything” or having drugs and alcohol abuse tear apart her family, to being nearly destroyed herself by relationships, she has faced more challenges in 30 years of life more than most people do. Now, am I saying that Cheryl is the “strongest woman in the world”? No, because I don’t think there is a such thing as “the strongest woman.” I think women face many different challenges, and all women are strong in their own ways – whether accomplishing small obstacles or giant obstacles, every woman is strong.

Being in the public eye, I think that Cheryl has learned to turn the other cheek when it comes to criticism about her appearance or her love life. She probably hardly cares about what other people say now, but sometimes I can’t help but jump to her defense sometimes.

Now for many people who don’t know, Cheryl is technically in the process of becoming divorced from her husband (last name that shall not be called out), and while nobody knows all the details of their relationship or the divorce – just what the papers have fed everyone – it is clear by Cheryl’s appearance over the last year that there was something toxic about that relationship. She didn’t look like Cheryl. She was smiling of course for TV and smiling when she left the studios, but there was something missing – her eyes looked different. Now, since that disastrous year for Cheryl 2010, I have paid close attention to her eyes and her overall look, and I can tell just like everyone else when something isn’t right with her.

Whatever was toxic about her marriage will either never be known or will come out later, but the fact remains that there was something toxic that was breaking her down. Rumors did begin to swirl that her marriage was in trouble around August/September of 2015, especially because her husband was absent from the X-Factor Live Shows, but a lot of people assumed it was because he was working or something. However, Cheryl’s appearance was telling a different story – and the truth emerged in January of 2016 in the form of a news headline:

Revealed: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to divorce French Husband…

Cheryl didn’t necessarily confirm the rumors, but when she stepped out with her friends without her wedding ring on, the answer was completely obvious. I felt sorry for her, but for some reason in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but feel like this was a good thing for her. Sure, her soon to be ex was trying to pull the sympathy card and imply that she cheated on him (poor lad couldn’t come up with a more believable lie), but she didn’t let that stop her happiness. She was starting to change again; she was starting to look like Cheryl again…

Obviously about a month later, just after the 2016 BRIT Awards, a little rumor stirred up saying that Cheryl was now dating Liam Payne from One Direction. A few people laughed it off really, especially since a lot of people thought the papers were saying that simply because Liam commented on Cheryl’s picture.

Boy were we wrong…

Cheryl and Liam’s relationship was confirmed some days later – I remember I was still at university and it was the weekend, and I practically bumped my head on the wall when I saw the visual confirmation that Cheryl was actually dating Liam. I did have my thoughts on that at first, but as days went on and the more pictures they shared together, I noticed a change in Cheryl. I noticed that she was starting to glow again, that her eyes had a little sparkle, her dimples were deeper and glowing – everything about her was genuine again.

But, with every new celebrity relationship, there’s always a few “fans” or critics who aren’t too fond of a relationship – right? However, I have NEVER seen the amount of disrespect that I saw with the revelation of Cheryl and Liam’s relationship.

When I say the disrespect was out of control, it was completely out of control. It was one thing that people were saying their relationship was a PR stunt (a link to the definition of PR stunt will be at the end of this post), but the fact that there were some fans of One Direction that were calling her a “pedophile” because Liam is ten years younger than she was, or calling her all sorts of derogatory names because she’s technically not divorced yet, saying that they wished her and Liam would die and all that cruel stuff. It was completely horrible, absolutely horrible. I held my tongue as much as I could because I noticed that those really horrible fans often would be horrible and rude towards anyone connected to the One Direction boys. Some of them are so deluded that they think Louis being a father is one big PR Stunt – HOW DO YOU POSSIBLY FAKE BEING A FATHER? Have some respect for an innocent child – crazy children.

I’ve said all of this to get to this point here – why are people so rude when someone is clearly happy with someone else? Granted, Cheryl and Liam are probably unexpected, but the way they look at each other shows how happy they are. Both of them gaze adoringly into each other’s eyes, Cheryl’s smile is infectious when Liam whispers in her ear, Liam protectively holds her hand and walks in front of her and his own smile is infectious when he looks at her. My point is, is that I’m for one glad that Cheryl and Liam are a couple. The two look incredibly happy together, and Cheryl especially looks happy. She’s smiling again, she’s starting to get her body back to a healthier state, her glow has returned and her eyes are sparkling again. I don’t know what Liam is doing to her, but he’s definitely given her the happiness and confidence back that she lost. Liam and Cheryl are happy together, and people should respect that. There’s no need to be rude or disrespectful, the two of them make each other happy and it’s clear that love is there between the two of them. Anyone who’s a true fan of both parties will respect the fact that they are happy and that they’re bringing out the best in each other.

Besides, didn’t Ed Sheeran say; “People fall in love in mysterious ways”?

To Cheryl and Liam; I wish you both nothing but the best. The two of you bring out the best in each other and make each other happy, and that is the most important. Don’t let the press or the haters stop you two from loving each other and being together – though I’m sure the two of you won’t let that happen. Just live your lives and be happy, and may God bless your love and protect you in all ways.

By the way, for anyone that THINKS Cheryl and Liam’s relationship is a “PR Stunt”, this is the definition of a PR Stunt: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Publicity_stunt

This definition does not match anything involving Cheryl and Liam; so just accept the fact that they’re two young people that are in love and happy.

-Me xo