For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to write. My writing started off with expressing my thoughts in various journals and diaries, and ultimately led to me rewriting the endings to all my stories I would read. My imagination has basically been running wild since day one.

Writing has always been a bit of an outlet for me. It’s not as if I’ve had a bad life really – always had clothes to wear, shoes, food to eat, and so on – but it’s more so that I’m incredibly shy sometimes and I’m not interested in some of the things that people in my age ranges have been interested in. My version of a good time was – and still is – reading a book or writing (or – when I was younger – playing with my dollies and putting them in all sorts of scenarios lol). I love to write more so than actually read, if that makes any sense. See, I feel like with reading, the story is already there and planned, with an ending that already exists and can’t be changed. Sure, I enjoy to read, but it isn’t my favorite thing.

Writing, on the other hand, has always been one of my favorite things to do. Writing to me is like working with a blank canvas. There’s no plot and ending already written out. Everything is ‘as you go along’. I can make up my own ideas and change them if I don’t like them anymore. I have done that before actually – I have changed a whole story around simply because I no longer like the idea. I see writing as being like in a kitchen making food. The blank page is the pot that’s waiting to be filled with the food to make the masterpiece. All of the different ideas are like ingredients – or food. When the ideas are mixed together on the blank page, it’s like food being mixed together in a pot. In the end, a masterpiece is created and everyone is happy.

Of course, as I’ve gotten older and gotten a bit more serious about wanting to share the pieces I’ve written, I created a profile on For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, Wattpad is basically a community for writers. Writers can share their own stories for feedback and votes, but can also read other stories by other writers and give their own constructive criticism. I love that website, and I’ve even plucked up courage to share some of my celebrity fan fiction on there. I’ve had thousands of reads on those stories, so after receiving such rave reviews from that particular type of story, I decided to branch off and try a different type of fiction that wasn’t based around actual celebrities. The story is called ‘The Drummer’, and a link will follow the end of this post. I’ve only had about 70 reads on there, but hopefully more people will be drawn to the story once I dive deeper into the plot.

Anyways, writing is my escape. I always love being able to express my thoughts and feelings through a piece, and I love that I am part of a community where I can share my writing and people actually like it. My confidence is still kind of shaky when it comes to my writing, but each day, it grows a tiny bit more.

And maybe one day, I can have an actual published book – ONE DAY.


That’s all for now.

-Me xo