I’m aware that this post might cause some heat, but there’s entirely too much on my mind for me to be silent. I ask that you read this and share if you want.

Let’s begin in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alton Sterling – family man. He was selling CD’s outside of a store to make a little extra money for his family. The store owner knew that he was selling CD’s outside of the store so it’s not as if that was the crime. I’ve heard that Sterling was telling someone to leave the property, and that neighbors called police about someone with a gun. The police arrived, Sterling asked what they were apprehending him for, and they tackled him to the ground. Someone shouted that Sterling “had a gun”, and that’s when the officer opened fire not once, but SIX TIMES. 

You want to know something? Sterling didn’t even have anything in his hands – his hands were empty.

And my my my, the media has been digging up his 2004ish mugshot to try and justify this shooting. 

There’s no justification. It was MURDER of an innocent man.

Let’s move on to Minnesota. Philando Castile; another young man who wasn’t doing anything wrong. Minnesota police pulled his vehicle over because of a busted tail light, but when Castile was reaching for his ID and TOLD the officer that he was reaching for his ID, he was shot by the officer – IN FRONT OF HIS GIRLFRIEND AND CHILD.

Want to know something else? He had a concealed weapon and told the officer he had a permit for the weapon, and again TOLD the officer that he was reaching for his IDENTIFICATION – but was shot.

So, I guess my question is – Do all lives really matter?? Or do they just matter if you aren’t black?

Here’s a fact – Alton Sterling yesterday was the 558th person killed by police this year alone. 

And now, I guess that number is 559 due to Philando Castile being killed by officers yesterday as well.

What’s the word to describe how I feel about this? How WE feel?

Angry – because yet again these “officers” who are meant to protect us aren’t even protecting US, they’re killing US – the African American community – off like flies.

Tired – Because once again, there’s hardly being anything done. Sure there’s protests but once again, I bet these officers won’t be convicted of MURDER because of who they are.

Sad – Sad for the families. I’m sad for Sterling’s family, especially his children who now are without a father. I’m sad for Castile’s daughter, who WATCHED her father die in front of her and now has to be without her father.

So how many more times are we as people going to let our brothers and sisters be treated unfairly at the hands of the law?!

We have tried for justice for so many of our brothers and sisters.

We tried for justice with Mike Brown – Hands up don’t shoot.

We tried for justice with Eric Garner – I can’t breathe.

We tried for justice with Sandra Bland – Say her name.

And we need to keep trying as hard as we can for justice for these two innocent men and many others. We shouldn’t have to worry about our young black men or women being gunned down due to the false perception that the black community is “dangerous”. 

You want to know what these racist idiots fear about the black community?

They fear our success. 

They fear our education.

They fear our voice.

They fear our strength.

They fear the simple fact that we aren’t what they think we are.

We are not worthless. We are strong. We have a voice. We are powerful.

And now it’s time to use that power and our voices for justice.

I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters – I pray for our safety.

I pray for the souls of people who THINK these officers are in the right – May God have mercy on your soul and may you find peace within in yourself. I’m sure you wouldn’t think it was “right” if it was your child or husband or brother or father.

I pray for better days.


So do #AllLivesMatter? Look at the big picture. ALL LIVES MATTER means that EVERYONE’S life matters – regardless of color. 

So clearly, all lives don’t matter here do they, seeing as we’re basically being shot and killed for being black?

So we will continue to say Black Lives Matter until they do, and once they finally begin to matter to EVERYONE and something changes, then we can successfully say that #AllLivesMatter.

But until then…


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-Me xo