Hello everybody.

I’ve been slacking with the blog posts and I’m sorry – university is really putting up a fight this semester but that’s okay, it’ll all be worth it in the end. I probably wouldn’t be doing a post tonight but there’s some thoughts going through my head tonight and I feel like I have to share. Not gonna lie, this post isn’t anything that’s going to change the world and a lot of people probably won’t be bothered by it, but writing is my outlet. I express my thoughts through writing so I’m doing just that through this post tonight – that’s all.

For anyone that knows me, they know that I’m a SUPERRRRR DUPER HUGE fan of Cheryl (Cole/Fernandez-Versini). She’s one of my favorite singers in the world. I’m always listening to her albums and watching her videos, keeping up with her on Twitter and Instagram (lol like we’re best friends – whatever). Her music is great; it gets me in a good mood if I’m feeling sad. I also love her posts on social media sites as they’re always funny or she’s often interacting with her fans, just loads of things. I’ve loved being in her fanbase and I’ve made loads of friends through that, but today I definitely noticed something that made me take a step back and just be her fan if that makes any sense.

Now, this is nothing against Cheryl at all – I love her, I actually hope to meet her one day and even if I don’t, I’ll always be devoted because her music and image is just fantastic. The following thought is just my opinion really because it’s what I feel like is the deal with the “fanbase” sometimes.

You guys know that there’s always the students in a class that feel as though because they’ve experienced something so great or are keeping up with the latest social trend that they are somehow superior to others?

That’s how it is in her “fanbase”. I’m sure it’s like that in all fan bases really, but I’m sort of in Cheryl’s so I notice it more.  I notice that SOME fans who have met Cheryl x-amount of times or have x-amount of interactions with her through social media suddenly feel as though they’ve been catapulted to the “elite” squad. They feel as though they are a) her new best friend and know what’s best for her and/or b) that they are superior to those that may not have met her or had any interaction. They look down on those who haven’t done so, labeling them as a “bad fan”. Not ALL people who have met Cheryl x-amount of times are like this, but there certainly are SOME.

I’ve said all that to say this – there is no need to act as though you are high and mighty simply because you have met your “favorite” x-amount of times; like no need at all. You may not think you’re on a high horse, but of course you don’t think that because YOU ARE ON THE HIGH HORSE. That could easily have not been you who gets a follow or an interaction or gets to meet her, so be humble and grateful. Stop making drama out of absolutely nothing and trying to make people look bad because of the things they do when there’s a lot WORSE things people have said or done. If they want to do something, let them do it and move on – stop trying to make yourself look cute and innocent for your fave when you’ve probably done the same things before. Same goes for other fanbases as well; be humble about the opportunities you have. Some are unable to meet their faves due to financial issues or distance, so be grateful that you’ve met yours and get off your high horse.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say tonight. Those are just my thoughts, etc.

-Me xo