Greetings from planet relaxation! 

I’m back with another blog post. I’ve been super busy with school stuff so I haven’t been able to blog properly, but that’s all about to change since I’m done with school for the semester. I started to blog about the recent semester but I changed my mind. I had another idea in mind; a nicer, happier idea.

My group chat..

Not even going to lie; I was never one for group chats before actually. Maybe because I never had a reason for group chats. I never talked to enough people for a group chat. I only really had to text maybe like one or two people besides family; literally never enough people for a legitimate group chat. I never saw myself participating in a group chat, but obviously this has completely changed since starting school again in August.

I’m not even joking when I say my entire social work class is in a group chat. Through the group chat, we keep up with assignments and other socials going on, and even though I never really speak in the chats and really just look through to discover any assignments, I can’t say that I’m not enjoying being in them. My social work class seems to be full of great friendly people who all want the same thing – TO SURVIVE THE SOCIAL WORK PROGRAM IN ONE PIECE.

Okay seriously back to the topic at hand – I wasn’t writing this to talk about my social work group chat. As much as I do love that, my ultimate favorite group chat happens to be the one involving my Cheryl/Girls Aloud related four best friends – Emma, Sayagi, Ant, and Ruth; also known as THE FAMILY.

Not even joking here when I say the five of us treat each other like family. However, before I get into that, let us drift back to how that group chat even began.

The King&Queens group chat began around the 2nd of October, 2016. This all began as myself, Ant, Emma, and Sayagi after pictures of our absolute fave, Cheryl, came ABOUT from a L’Oreal event. The pictures seemed to prove a common suspicion that was drifting throughout the Cheryl side of social media, and these pictures led to the four of us starting a group chat simply called The Squad to begin with. Ant and I had already been friends for ages anyway, but I quickly began getting to know Emma and Sayagi as well – we all quickly falling into our own little friendship straight away, laughing and joking together as if we’d known each other for years and years. Within a couple days, we welcomed member #5, our Ruth; all of us falling together straight away, almost as if things were meant to be this way.

In the near two months since our group chat began, we’ve gone through name changes, laughed and cried together, changed One Direction lyrics around, had random conversations about animals and what they might talk about – literally everything. We’ve learned to lean on each other in times of sadness, in the times when we feel like we can hardly continue. We give each other strength and encouragement always, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt closer to a group of people in my life – despite having had a similar group of friends at home before. Maybe it was because of the common love for Cheryl, or maybe it’s because we really are some pretty great people who keep it real all the time, giving each other the talks we need rather than what we want to hear.

They say everything happens for a reason and I genuinely believe that. Everyone comes in and out of your life for a reason. These four have come into my life for a reason. They’ve shown up to A) Show me that there’s genuinely some sane and respectable Cheryl fans in this world (lol…and there is more than these 4 but this is my GC so shh) and B) That not all people are sly snakes in the grass and that friends are supposed to be happy for you, not jealous of your successes. These four are my best friends in the world and I look forward to the five of us finally being able to hang out one day and hopefully meet Cheryl together (and rope her into joining our squad hehe). Seriously though, I love these guys – they’re my sisters and brother!

I don’t care that they’re my internet friends; it doesn’t even feel that way. Friendship is friendship, and when you’re lucky enough to meet people whom you can have genuine friendship with to the point where it feels like family, don’t ever mess that up and let it go. We may all be a good distance apart, but we’re connected by our hearts and minds….and our phones (lol).

I can’t wait to finally meet my pals though.

To my squad,

All I have to say is – I LOVE YOU GUYS!

And that’s that guys 🙂

-Me xo