Yes – this title was sang in the tune of Midnight Memories by One Direction; listen to it if you haven’t done so! 😛
Hey everybody!

Right guys, as you know, IT’S DECEMBER! December 7th is the date of today actually, which means Christmas literally 18 days away. Where has the year gone? Pretty sure 2016 has lasted a whole of two minutes but whatever.

It’s been a pretty decent year guys; I’ve lost friends, gained some more; had an easy Spring 2016 semester had school (which wasn’t a good idea), had a sort of easy summer (I worked for about 95% of it), and my Fall 2016 semester has been – interesting. I’m glad that this fall semester is over and why I am slightly irritated about the fact that I haven’t found a job quite yet (I’m actually working on it), I have to admit that seeing all the festive decorations and all that has put me in a really good mood. My Christmas tree is up at home; life is good!

The holidays are my favorite part of the year. Seeing all the lights and decorations, spending time with family, excuses to drink as much hot chocolate as possible – I love the holidays. It’s a time of the year where everything is put into perspective; where the materialistic things really do not matter, but the thoughts and love and family matter the most. Family is what matters at the end of the day because no matter what, they will always be here and fighting in your corner.

Right, with the Christmas holidays rolling around again, I thought it would be a great idea to share some Christmas Memories (ho, ho, hooooo – Midnight Memories tune again). I’ve had some pretty great Christmases over the years with my family. My mother and grandmother have always come through to make sure our Christmases were amazing and that we were spoiled rotten. I’ll maybe share only one Christmas memory; one of my favorite ones.

One of my favorite Christmas memories comes from years ago – probably when I was about ten years old; so around 2005. I was ridiculously obsessed with the Bratz franchise when I was a child; every year for holidays or birthdays or even trips to the shop, I had to have something Bratz related. I was obsessed; no joke. This particular year, the Bratz franchise had come out with a line of ‘Rock Angelz’ dolls in support of the Bratz Rock Angelz film I believe it was; a video game came about as well. Either way, it was pure genius and I was ridiculously happy about it.

Of course I was good as gold all year because I’m a complete angel anyways. Seriously though, on this Christmas, I got up stupidly early like I would normally do on Christmas and, due to still having the “Magic of Christmas” going on, I was crazy excited because I had all the Bratz dolls from the collection – apart from one I think. Either way, I was quite happy about that and I think I spent the whole day just having a little concert with my dollies and such. I think I was just really excited because I had actually gotten all the dolls at once and didn’t have to wait to go to the shop and get them one by one or something! That’s one of my favorite Christmas memories from childhood and one I wouldn’t change for the world, even if it is a bit boring.

I think my next favorite Christmas memory was a couple of years later when I was about 12 – and still obsessed with Bratz if that’s the slightest bit normal – and my mom got me all the Bratz the Movie dolls that had come out in support of the live action Bratz film. That was the same year I got a Nintendo DS along with a Hannah Montana game – so happy days there as well.

Throughout childhood, Christmas memories have always consisted of family time as well which has always been great. Since then, of the presents haven gotten less and the family time has increased – which I don’t mind as I understand that’s part of growing up; material things no longer matter and it’s more so about family time. Even last year, I got a bit of clothes and a new watch but even that was more than enough material things for me. I had the most fun when I had dinner with my family, where we laughed and talked together; basically just enjoyed time together like families do.

Christmas is great, and I have always enjoyed it – I think I looked forward to it more than my birthday (lol). I hope that one day – IF I am blessed enough to settle down and have my own family – I’ll be able to give them pretty amazing, magical Christmases as well.

Hopefully I won’t be a failure as a wife and parent one day eh? 😉

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for my next post on Sunday! Remember; new posts every Wednesday and Sunday!

Merry Christmas (even tho it’s still 15 days away lol)!

-Me xo