Hello everyone! 

Alicia here and I’m back with another post – well, it is blog day so it was time for a new post but here I am! I’m really excited to share this post with you and I would love to know what everyone thinks, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Being positive overall can be easy to some but hard for others. If you are just a happy person all around then fair enough, you can probably see the positive side of every situation and that. However, there are some people that have been knocked down by life so much that they may struggle to see the positive side of things. They try but it’s hard; it’s good that they try though. However, over the years and throughout social media, I have discovered that one of the hardest areas people struggle to be positive in is the body; for some, it is definitely hard to be body positive.

 I think one of the reasons that it’s so hard to be body positive is the fact that society and the media have given their image of the perfect woman. They feel that the perfect woman is like a model; tall, slender, long hair, bright eyes, plump lips – aspects like that. In their eyes, the perfect woman is not allowed to have short hair or thin lips or curves. They must have those traits listed above to be “perfect.” I know I’m speaking mainly about women here, but men are not limited to this problem as well. Body image issues in men may not be talked about as much, but they do exist and should not be ignored either.

Bullying plays a role in body image issues as well, and I feel that bullying a person based on their size also comes from the media. People are sometimes teased for not being small or big, and this of course can lead to many people becoming uncomfortable with their body image. People begin to believe the things that those bullies say – that they are ugly and worthless. This is definitely common among children of today as bullying continues to reach new levels; due to society’s definition of the perfect body.

Well, I want to reach out to anyone having body image issues or being bullied for their body image; anything. I am aware that I am “bigger” than people; I have curves and always have had them. While I have never been bullied about my weight, like every other teenager, I have gone through moments of not being comfortable with my body. I have wanted to lose weight for years, I once wanted to be slender like those individuals painted across the television by society. It wasn’t until I started attending college that I started to think differently, that I started to realize that in order to be beautiful, I don’t have to be like those girls on TV. I can continue to be myself because really, big is still beautiful.

I look at the different celebrities that have spoken out about body image or that make an effort to show that body image does not matter and that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Look at Fifth Harmony for example. They’re one of the only girl groups that have five members of all different nationalities for one, but they are especially known for having a group of five girls who are all different shapes and sizes. They’ve all been bullied for their size, but they continue to explain that girls are beautiful regardless of what they look like. They strive to tell the world that everyone is beautiful in their own way, especially in their song with Meghan Trainor called Brave, Honest, and Beautiful. I really respect them for discussing their own issues and for explaining to young girls that it does not matter what their size or other characteristics are; everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Once of my other massive inspirations that has been very spoken about her own issues with body image is singer Niykee Heaton. Niykee once explained that she was bullied throughout school for being curvier than other students. She was often called fat and she has said that those hurtful words from bullies really affected her. Now, Niykee is very confident with her body and has grown to love her curves, and due to being so confident, she often poses nude on her social media accounts, etc. People give her hate for it and accuse her of posing nude for attention or being a whore, but that’s not what she’s all about. Niykee is just showing people that she is now confident with her body and if she wants to show it off, she will do. She’s an example of someone who fought back against the horrible words thrown at her by bullies and is now body positive.

I’ve said all that to say this – ladies and gentlemen, please, be proud of who you are. Don’t let society trick you into thinking you’re ugly because you aren’t the way they want you to be.

You have curves? Okay!

You have short hair? Okay!

You’re short? Okay!

You’re really tall? Okay!

You have stretchmarks? Okay!

You have birth marks? Okay!

It doesn’t matter what people or society say about you. Everybody is made of all shapes and sizes and everyone is beautiful in their own way, no matter what. Please, don’t let society get you down or force you into harming yourself to become their version of beautiful. Pose nude like Niykee if you want to; show off how confident you can be because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

-Me xo