Hello everybody!

It’s Sunday which means blog day!

So, I’ve noticed that as I scroll through social media, a lot of people are really not okay. It’s obvious that they try their hardest to be strong for their loved ones. They maybe feel ashamed for complaining or crying when there’s people in the world that are so much worse off. They may feel weak or ungrateful, but in my opinion, there’s no need to feel that way at all.

It’s okay to not be okay.

There’s no need to hide the fact that you aren’t okay. I know there are people out there so say “oh get over it; there’s worse off people in the world” and yeah there are, fair enough there are people in the world that would dream of living the life that we live; of having clean water, or a bed to sleep in, or air conditioned/heated homes so they will be comfortable. They long to live lives of peace and not terror; I do feel sorry for those individuals living in such dreadful conditions and believe me when I say I am not trying to in anyway belittle them or anything like that.

All I am saying is that it is okay to not be okay.

Sometimes people who set out to make others happy are the ones suffering the most. They constantly hear that they are strong yet they feel far from it, yet they don’t want to let anybody down. They want people to be proud. They suffer in silence and put on a front, they strive to be that vision of “strength” that they are constantly associated with. Sometimes, however, those “strong” people need help themselves – and that is okay. Everybody needs help sometimes, Theres only so much a person can handle on their own, there’s only so long that a person can remain that vision of “strength.”

It is okay to not be okay…

…Please understand that it’s okay to not be. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to ask for a hug. It’s okay to ask for someone to hold your hand and tell you that everything will be okay in time. It’s okay to ask for prayers. It’s okay to ask for good vibes. It’s okay to ask for help.

I often look at celebrities who have been vocal about their different struggles and how they too have suffered in silence because they wanted to show that they were “strong”. For example, I think of my favorite singer, Cheryl. She often flashes her million-dollar smile with her dimples that light up her face, putting on a strong front for her fans who look to her for strength. However, Cheryl too has been vocal about her past struggles with her own mental health, even having written it in her book some years back that she suffered from depression as a child. Even in the four years that have passed since her book came about, she has continued to discuss her struggles with depression. Around this time last year, Cheryl was someone who continued to smile and put on that strong front for people, trying to be strong for others and make them happy even though we now know that her personal life was crumbling down around her. While she has not been vocal about her suffering last year, pictures also speak 1000 words and it was clear that despite trying to be strong, she too was suffering in silence.

And while she is clearly very happy now and glowing and her eyes are sparkling, I want to tell her this too – it’s okay to not be okay.

Sometimes people view tears as a sign of weakness. Crying is never a sign of weakness. Crying, in my opinion, is a sign of being strong for too long. Sometimes there’s a case where a person wants to just cry but refuses to break down in front of others out of fear of being viewed as weak, or perhaps they’re scared of their issue being belittled, scared of being told that they are “crying for nothing”.

Nobody is ever “crying for nothing”. Sometimes the circumstances and events in our lives become too overwhelming for us to handle. It’s okay to cry until you run out of tears. Trust me, you’ll feel better by the end.

This post may be relatively short, but I just want to leave by telling everyone this; please, do not hesitate to talk to someone. If you’re reading this and having a hard time, remember that you are loved and you have so many people that care for you. Please don’t hesitate to turn to someone for help, even if you just need to scream and cry until your lungs give out and have a hug, or if you want to vent and just want someone to listen – it’s okay. You aren’t weak. You aren’t ungrateful.

You have just been strong for too long. Please, let someone else be your strength and help you up.

It’s okay to not be okay.

-Me xo