Hello everybody! 

You know, as you get older, you definitely realize that Christmas isn’t about the presents you receive, but more so about spending time with loved ones and genuinely enjoying the day. That’s what I did today – enjoyed time with my family.

I always enjoy time with my family as is, but holidays are always special. My mom and grandma prepared some amazing food for our dinner, and last night, my brother and I prepared the after dinner dessert – though we couldn’t even eat any dessert until a couple hours after our dinner as we were just too full from all the delicious food that was being offered. From fried chicken to ham to yams and turkey, and so much more, it’s safe to say that Christmas dinner went down totally well between the four of us.

Apart from the delicious food, what I enjoyed the most was just being able to laugh and talk with my family. That’s always my favorite part of any meals we have; just being able to laugh and talk and enjoy each other like a family should do. I have to admit, I have a pretty beautiful family and holidays like this remind me why I have to cherish them. They’re some of the most genuine people in the world and like all the time, I truly enjoyed my day with them.

There are so many people who don’t have families, whether they’ve lost them due to illness and death, or families have fallen out due to disagreements with life choices or any other things that life has thrown at them. Whether you have family left or close friends that you consider family, I encourage you to cherish them. Time is limited and life is precious; you never know when your time on this Earth is up. Arguments and beefs with people are irrelevant; I encourage you all to love each other and be kind.

I just want everybody to be happy. Cherish your loved ones and BE HAPPY.

I love you all!

Merry Christmas!!

-Me xo