Hello everybody!

So, as you all know, today is the last Wednesday of 2016. Sunday, which is when my next blog goes up, a new year will have arrived and new opportunities will be upon us. I wanted to be slightly more positive. I want to discuss the top three things I think some individuals should say goodbye to in 2016 which will make way for things to say hello to in 2017.

Say “goodbye” to toxic relationships. Toxic relationships are, well, toxic – to your mental and physical health. Do you want someone that’s going to make you cry constantly and make your heart hurt? Do you really want that kind of negativity – someone putting you down and blaming you for things you know you haven’t done? I didn’t think so. It’s time to know your worth ladies and gentlemen, and say hello to a healthy relationship where you are treated like sparkling Fiji water and not dirty pond water. You deserve better.

Say “goodbye” to fakeness. I honestly have no idea if “fakeness” is a word, but it will be for this blog. Anyway, yeah – say goodbye to the fakeness; stop being fake and distance yourself from fake friends. If you’re being fake and you know it, stop because that’s not cute or nice to mess with people’s feelings. If you have fake friends and you clearly see the signs, please distance yourself because you deserve so much better. Say hello to real friends who love you for who you are, and if you have a history of being fake, well not it’s time to say hello to being real and true.

Say “goodbye” to self hate. This is probably my favorite one actually, saying “goodbye” to self hate. Ladies and gentlemen, YOU ARE ALL FIJI WATER. You are brave, honest, beautiful, sparkling ponds of Fiji water and you deserve the best. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way, so I would love for the self hate to be left in 2016. None of this putting yourselves down. None of the hatred for the way you look. Understand that everyone is unique and that you don’t need to conform to the rules of society. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Say hello to the self love and body positivity.

Those are just three of the many things I people should say goodbye to in 2016. I know that everyone makes different resolutions and such for the new year, but please remember to take care of yourselves and do what makes your hearts happy. Sending lots of prayers for the rest of this week, and wishing you happiness and health in the New Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you next year – sort of 😉

-Me xo