Positive Post for Cheryl and Liam Payne

Positive Post For…Cheryl and Liam Payne – Blog

Hi everybody!

It’s Sunday and it’s blog day! Today’s blog is going to be a little different actually. I usually post positive messages to help people through hard times and such or I’m normally posting my opinion on things. Today however, I wanted to do something different and provide a little positivity for my favorite singer Cheryl and her super talented, singer boyfriend, Liam Payne.

These two lovely people found each other and fell in love at a rather unexpected time. Trust me, the world was shocked when it came out that hey were dating. With celebrity relationship comes positives and negatives, but since day one, these two have received so many negative comments that it’s actually out of control – mainly geared towards her, which is out of order. Luckily, the couple continue to go from strength to strength which is a beautiful thing, as they continue to shine even though rocks are thrown at them constantly.

For this post, I wanted to compile some positive messages for Cheryl and Liam. These are just a few of the messages received; I hope you enjoy!


Hi Chezza ❤ Here’s one of your biggest soldier that exists. For 6 years I’ve been thankful every single day for you and your music, because without it I wouldn’t be living in such a beautiful world, I wouldn’t experience those feelings that I have and still do to this day. The reason you don’t know me is because I didn’t use Twitter, and just so you now, I only made my account because of you 😝 If you ever read this, know that there’s someone out there who loves you no matter what, who will always be loyal to you and hoping that one day I’ll have the honor to stand in front of you.. Merry Christmas, have the best New Year and the time of your life with your loved ones…💃❤ 

Love you lots, Katherine from Serbia 😚🙌💕💗💖 (@cherylserbia on twitter)


To Cheryl&Liam!❤

First of all i have to say i’ve been Cheryl fan since i first saw her. So her happiness means everything to me. So i have to say thank YOU Liam for making her so happy. But i also love Liam since the beginning of One Direction, so thank YOU Cheryl for making him happy. I couldn’t be happier for both of you. You both went through some really though times, you didn’t deserve to. But i guess that’s life…I’ve never seen more beautiful people inside and out than you two. You really deserve the world. You have my support forever,love you and couldn’t be more proud❤ Love, Kaya😚😚







Those are just a few messages this time, but perhaps I’ll do a second post filled with more positivity next time!

Cheryl and Liam, you are loved and supported by many. Continue to make your hearts happy and we truly congratulate you on this next chapter in your life. You’re a beautiful couple and may God continue to bless you both and to bless your love! We love you!

-Me xo


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