Hey everybody!

So first off, let me just apologize for not blogging at all last week. Wednesday, I genuinely forgot to be honest and was working on my fan fiction, and Sunday seemed to be a long day of me moving back into my dorm at university and unpacking and I was too tired to write afterwards. Anyways, this week is a new week and I promise I’ll get back on the schedule now. Wednesdays and Sundays are blog days guys; REMEMBER THAT. (I know that today is Thursday and this is a bit late…sorry I’m getting my life in order, I PROMISE lol)

Anyways, with the start of a new semester, I figured that this would be a good post to talk about some of my goals and dreams for the upcoming years. I don’t think I’ve ever shared those with you all, so…here we go!

I want to begin by discussing some of the goals I have for myself for the upcoming years. I don’t know if you all know this, but I am a social work major at university and I’m in my junior year. I legit have to get through one more full year, and in May of 2018, I will HOPEFULLY be walking across the stage getting my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. That’s a huge goal for me right now; to just do the best I can and get that degree in hand because honestly, I’ve been working so hard for it. I don’t get stressed or frustrated easily, but last semester kind of stressed me out a little bit even though I didn’t really show it. So, a huge goal for me is to get that degree in hand. Other goals include obtaining my Master’s degree, and another massive goal for me is to hopefully one day have my Ph.D. I guess these would be considered “career goals”, I suppose, but I do have other personal goals that I would LOVE to get to at one point.

Some personal goals of mine include to have my own car and apartment (or house) one day – but isn’t that the goal of so many young people? Other goals include looking after my own physical and mental health more as well, especially with being a student. Sometimes, the demands of school can become overwhelming and lead to both mental and physical exhaustion. My biggest goal for now especially is to make sure I combat any mental and physical fatigue, and to avoid “burning out” due to trying to keep up so hard with my studies. I also have a goal of exercising more throughout this year – but that is also easier said than done, so I will try my best.

I have so many dreams for the future, but I only want to discuss a few. One of my biggest dreams include travelling to England one day for a start, as that’s a place where I’ve always wanted to go – partly because my favorite singer lives there, and then just because I’m interested in visiting some of the sites there and such. I also dream of one day making it as either a famous blogger maybe, or a famous writer. I tend to write a lot – fan fiction, regular fiction, blogs, etc. – and so I would love to one day maybe make a living out of it, aside with being a social worker of course. Perhaps my biggest dream, however, is the dream I’ve had for the last few years since I decided to become a social work major.

I dream of one day opening a shelter for those who may be homeless, or those who have been released from prison and have nowhere to go. I feel as though society sometimes turns their backs on individuals facing these challenges, and I just want to help people. I dream of having a shelter that provides a warm, safe place for clients to be, with a roof over their heads, hot meals, religious services, and even counseling and job training to help them back on their feet. I just feel as though nobody should be left behind in life, and most people should be given a fair chance if it’s clear that they are really trying to get their lives in order again and make a change for the better. I want to be in charge of this shelter along with some other colleagues that I meet along the way – whomever God sees fit to put into my life and have me establish connections with – and hopefully, that dream will come true within the next ten or fifteen years.

NO DREAM IS TOO BIG – that’s what I keep telling myself so that I keep on striving for the best. No matter what criticism or negativity we hear from others in reference to our dreams, we must always remember that no matter what, no dream is ever too big for us to handle. If we keep striving for the best and keep our heads up, we can make every single one of our dreams come true no matter what. Be the best you can be and take risks to get what you want; MAKE YOUR HEART HAPPY AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Share with me some of your goals and dreams if you like. Let’s all feed off each other and work one step at a time at making all our goals and dreams come true.

-Me xo