Hi guys. 

Today’s blog was actually supposed to be about double standards, but I decided to change the topic last minute. These are my thoughts of the weekend, and I want to share them with you all.

You know when you want something to work out a lot? You crave for it to work because you can’t imagine any different. You do anything you can to make things work. You give all you can give, you try as hard as you can, you push and push and push – all to make something work out. You think of alternatives, you think ‘maybe if I do this then it’ll work’, you just do absolutely anything to make something work in your favor, the way you want it to.

Sorry everybody; sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to.

Life happens, and life has a funny way of throwing things at people. Well, God, had a funny way of throwing things at people and showing what’s right and what’s not I suppose. Sometimes, if certain situations or people aren’t part of the plan He has for us, then He allows something to happen to change the situation. Relationships end, friendships end, jobs end – whatever isn’t part of the “plan”, it ENDS.

And sure it hurts; oh it’s hurts so bad I’m sure of it. You’ll feel the aching pain in your chest like an arrow or knife piercing through your heart. You’ll feel like you can’t breathe. You’ll feel like the tears will never stop. You’ll feel like the world or the universe or whatever is crumbling down around you. You’ll feel like a failure. You’ll feel like absolutely nothing will go right for you.

You’ll feel like giving up.

But see, we can’t give up. God or nature or whatever you believe in – the universe, whatever – has a plan for us. We may not know what these plans are, but the plans run through every decision we make in life. Sometimes it’s a good part of the plan and on the right track, sometimes it’s a part of the plan that helps us to make mistakes and learn, or to be hurt and learn and grow some more. We can’t give up just because the clouds have rolled in for a day. My favorite singer, Cheryl, said in a song from about 6 years ago; “Even though it’s at the end, a brand new morning can begin, and the sun will shine again” and it will – the sun will shine again. 

Everything happens for a reason; I’m a strong believer in such. It does happen for a reason and we may not see the reason, but there is. It’s either a blessing, or a lesson, or something to make us all stronger. The main point I’m stressing here, however, is that no matter the situation, we can’t give up. We’ve all come far in life and come out of so many situations haven’t we? Every one of us has faced a situation that we thought would be the end of us but it hasn’t been yet has it? Things happen to make us strong, and everyday is new. Everyday we become stronger because we survive what we thought would knock us down the day before.

So with this being said, don’t ever give up. We have to continue to fight for our sanity and ultimately for our happiness. Being happy is important and happiness is success. Materialistic things can disappear, but if you’re happy inside, then that to me is an absolute win at life.

Let’s continue to fight for our happiness!

“Fight on, we will find our way” – Cheryl/Fight On/Only Human (2014).

-Me xo