Hello everybody! 

So, I ran a poll on my twitter to see what people wanted me to blog about, and the result came to be my response to the women’s march from last weekend. I’ve seen a few responses to the March, so I wanted to give my own as well.

Personally, I think it was absolutely amazing! I feel like people misunderstood the march a bit or didn’t really understand why it was going on, and some people felt that the march wasn’t worth anything and was quite pointless. Fair enough; everybody has an opinion don’t they? Everybody has an opinion and if they can’t see the point, then that’s on them. But me personally, as a young woman in America, I thought the march was lovely and amazing!

First of all, I loved how the march seemed to be taking a place all across the country and in other parts of the world. A friend of mine showed me the march in London, and obviously there was the march in DC, and just so many other places throughout the United States. It was so nice to see women coming together, putting differences aside for once, and just coming together to march for a the equality between women and men. Its common knowledge that woman aren’t treated at the same level as their male counterparts, so to be out marching for such rights – it was such a beautiful thing to see.

One thing I loved was the men who were also out marching. Oh my goodness; that was perhaps one of the most beautiful things to see! Normally, men don’t seem to understand the differences between them and women. They don’t understand that women are paid less, that women are considered weak when they are far from such. They don’t understand the objectification that women are constantly subjected to, and they most certainly don’t seem to understand that fear that comes with having a room full of MEN sign paperworks that discuss which decides what WOMEN can do with their bodies. It was so nice to see men that did finally show some sort of understanding about what their female counterparts go through, and of course, I loved the chant:

“My body my choice; her body her choice.”

The Women’s March almost reminded me of the past, the Suffrage time if you will. Thousands of women during that time marched for their rights, for rights that only men would have at that time. Those women fought so much for the fights that women have today, and seeing those women out marching last week for something as simple as to be treated equal and to not have a man control what they can do; it almost felt like history was repeating itself, but still in such a beautiful way.

I almost felt a bit sorry for the women who were outraged at the march and who felt it was pointless. The men that had this reaction to the march; that wa understandable because most men genuinely don’t understand that women are treated unfairly. However, the women who were outraged and thought the march was pointless; I actually feel a bit sorry for them. But to you women out there who felt this way, I just want to say this:

 It’s okay that you don’t want to admit that you aren’t equal to your male counterparts, it’s okay that you feel like you’re equal enough and you’ve settled for whatever. The fact still remains that we aren’t as equal to the men as we like to think we are, and those thousands of women and men marching don’t have a problem admitting such. If you have a problem admitting it then okay, that’s cool too!

Anyways, in conclusion, I thought the Women’s March was stunning and amazing, and I salute those who spoke out in support and understood the point of the march. To those men and women who felt that it was pointless, that’s your opinion – and that’s all I’ll say on that.

Also side note and this has nothing to do with this post sort of: I know times are hard with who we have in office, but we’ve got to ban together and stand up. We won’t let him burn America to the ground; stand strong guys. We can do this!

-Me xo