Hi everyone!
Oh wow – how’s everyone doing? In today’s blog, I want to discuss love and peace. I did originally have another topic in mind, but I just want to talk for a minute about – love and peace, I suppose.

Also, if I miss any points in this post, please feel free to comment and I will educate myself. Don’t be rude!

The world is just – I can’t even begin to put it into words how it feels. I suppose that hatred for other people based off of beliefs has been around for years, but seeing it right now, it just breaks my heart. All over social media, on television through the media, out of the mouths of so many people – hate just pours from all the directions, hate towards a certain group of people simply because of beliefs or the color of their skin. There’s so much stereotyping going on right now, and while I understand that you may not love every single person in the world, there’s no reason to be disrespectful and to treat a person like they aren’t human at all.

Some behaviors are learned – I know that they are. Nobody is born racist. Nobody is born homophobic. Nobody is born to hate someone based off of their religion. Nobody is born to judge someone simply because of the way they dress or the life they live. Nobody is born to disrespect women. NOBODY IS BORN LIKE THIS. A child doesn’t come into this world hating another human being. THIS IS LEARNED BEHAVIOR.

I feel like this topic came up recently – whether it was in class or maybe it was while I was still at home on winter break. Anyway, the topic came up about racism and the question involved a child being racist, and it was asked whether it was the fault of the parents or not. I truly believe that it is the fault of the parents or some family members. A lot of behaviors, especially one as being racist or homophobic, is learned – and it’s not cool at all.

It also completely annoys me when people try to pretend that racism no longer exists. News flash – it still very much exists and we cannot simply “get over it”. Racism is a real deal; there are still many people being treated unfairly and judged simply based on the color of their skin. No, the racism may not be expressed so openly in some cases, but you can sometimes tell by the looks on people’s faces or their actions towards a person of another race. Racism is still a big problem in our society today and it doesn’t help that we have a person in the highest office that clearly has a slight problem with people of another race, not to mention the fact that his pick for the US Attorney General seat has had several allegations of racism over the years.

Also, it annoys me when people pretend that homophobia isn’t a problem and when they do say something that is clearly homophobic, they twist the words of the Bible to justify their actions. I’m sure that God or whoever they pray to has told them that they have no room to judge. Homophobia is a real thing in this world as well and perhaps one of the most ridiculous ways to be. Honestly, hating someone simply because they are attracted to people of the same sex is ridiculous, no joke. Many who know me know that I am a strong supporter of equality and a strong supporter of the LGBT community, and I have always been someone that believes that hate towards the LGBT community is unnecessary. I wonder how people would feel if the LGBT community was the dominant and being “straight” (heterosexual) was less common. Oh wait, here’s a video regarding exactly what I just said here…watch it.

Imagine A World Where Being “Gay” The Norm & Being “Straight” Would Be The Minority! [Short Film]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnOJgDW0gPI

And then we get to the topic of women and the fact that people genuinely believe that women are treated fairly in all areas of life. This is hilarious if I’m honest, because if women were truly treated fairly, then there would be no need for events like last weekend when the phenomenal women’s march was going on. Women having to march for the right to be treated with the same respect as their male counterparts and to have their own control over their bodies is not something that should have to happen in 2017, but unfortunately, people do not seem to get it. Women are still harassed constantly, women are still being paid less than their male counterparts whom are in the same positions as they are, women are still having a load of men decide what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Unfortunately, there are still cultures where women aren’t even allowed to do anything that the men can do. In some cultures, a women’s sole purpose is to be a wife (servant) to their husband and have babies – which is sad. In a lot of areas, women do not have the same rights as men – and in 2017, this shouldn’t be happening either.

Hating/judging people based off of their beliefs/religion – that’s pretty horrible too. This part is sponsored by the Muslim Ban from the weekend, something that I didn’t even really agree with. Fair enough the “president” wants us to be safe, fair enough I get it because all of Americans want us to be safe and stuff, right? What I didn’t agree with was basically detaining Muslims and banning refugees from certain countries from coming to America. First of all, that is stereotyping – basically saying that all Muslims are terrorists which is simply not true. Secondly, I don’t know if anyone saw the chart or not, but I found it mighty hilarious how the countries that were banned were countries where dear Mr. President didn’t have any business connections with. Another fun fact; terrorists that attacked the United States in the past didn’t even come from the countries that were banned. This, to me, was basically stereotyping and grouping all Muslims into a group and accusing them all of being terrorists, and some of the comments I read regarding such – oh my Goodness.

Anyways, the point of this blog post is to say – all this negativity and hatred towards groups of people; I honestly wish it would stop. It’s 2017; I feel like we should be able to freely live in the world without people hating each other for literally no reason what so ever. I pray for world peace to shine through and repair this damage that hatred and evil has done to this world. I pray for peace.

That’s my one ultimate wish…

World peace.

Love to you all!

-Me xo