Good day everyone!

Aw wow – happy Wednesday. AS IF February has arrived already. Time seems to be flying already; I swear it feels like 2017 just rolled in and now here we are at the first of February. I hope the year is going well for everyone so far, and if January was a rather sucky month, well then, the year is still fresh and you can turn your year around right here, right now!

Good luck 🙂

Right, as you all know, February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH. This is one of my favorite months of the year actually, as it’s always amazing to hear about so many accomplishments of African-Americans that our schools fail to teach us about. Sure, we learn about the basic figures – Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, etc. – but there’s so much more to learn than what we’ve learned in school. I think starting on Sunday with that blog, I’ll give out random fact pertaining to important African-Americans and write the whole post based off of that one person. Feel free to share any facts you want me to include in the blog!

As for today however, I just wanted to talk about how I spent my weekend. What’s hilarious is the pure fact that it actually does kind of pertain to Black History Month. Has anyone reading this ever heard of the documentary series, Eyes on the Prize ? If not, check this link…

Eyes on the Prize – Part 1:

That link only goes to part one but the next parts will show up after each one is over so you’ll be able to click. Eyes on the Prize is a documentary series that discusses African Americans and their fights for civil rights in America throughout the 1950s and 60s up through the mid to late 1980s. It’s a very interesting documentary, and I have to take a moment to thank my mother for telling me about this. Truthfully, she mentioned it some years or so back but I only got around to watching it over the weekend. Each part is an hour or so long so I only got around to watching the first six parts so far because I had homework to do in between, but I plan on watching the rest in the next few days or so, especially seeing as it is Black History Month.

In the first six parts alone, I feel like I’ve learned so much about events that I feel like I hardly learned about. For example, the fight for desegregation of Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi) and the riot of Ole Miss due to the desegregation in 1962; all of this being a protest over the enrollment of an African-American young man called James Meredith; the efforts of the “Freedom Riders” who risked their lives to end segregation on interstate transportation; the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party attending the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City for the presidential election of 1964 – these were just a few of the many major events highlighted in the documentary within the first six parts that I knew nothing about. I watched (in horror) as I watched African-Americans who were simply protesting in a peaceful manner be spit on, arrested, beaten – all of this, only for trying to have the same rights as their white counterparts.

What really drew me in was the first part, which opened with the story of Emmett Till. That story alone broke my heart; a young boy shot and beaten for simply speaking to a white woman? Really? According to those on the documentary, he was from up North and didn’t really know any better or know the rules of the South, but nothing can excuse his death. What annoys me now is that the woman who he spoke to made up a whole elaborate story about him verbally and physically assaulting her, but as of ten years ago, she admitted that she made up a good majority of the story. I presumed that she finally came clean all these years later because she was on her death bed, but who knows really. All I know is that his blood is still basically on his hands and nothing can excuse his death, end of.

Anyways, Eyes on the Prize is a wonderful documentary that I feel would open the eyes of people of all races and allow everyone to understand the struggles that African-Americans faced during their fight for civil rights. Like I stated, the link to part one is above and that will lead you to the rest of the parts for the series.

Anyway everyone, I must get going but I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day, and please keep your heads up. Let’s enjoy this month, let’s learn about African-Americans and their achievements, and let’s just learn to love each other. We need to lean on each other now more than ever.


-Me xo