Hi everyone!

So, I ran a poll on my social media to see what my next post should be about, and a lot of people voted to read about where I grew up! Right, so…here we go!

Most people that know me knew I grew up on a tiny, 70-ish mile strip of land called the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I was born and raised there; that was literally home from my birth on March 24th in 1995, until recently when my family relocated to Virginia Beach. However, despite my new “home” being Virginia Beach and my “home away from home” being in Petersburg (for school), the Eastern Shore will ALWAYS be home.

Note: I still refer to the Eastern Shore as home, even when I’m talking to my family. We can see the sign for the bridge tunnel when we’re roaming around and I’m like: ”THAT’S THE SIGN TO GO HOME!”

Okay, back to the post.

So yes, the Eastern Shore has been home for years. A lot of people see it as being quite boring, and truthfully, it is kind of boring. Okay I won’t exactly lie; there isn’t much to do on the Eastern Shore but if you are older and want to retire there or maybe raise kids, then it’s quite fine for that. The first county I grew up in, there definitely wasn’t much around there. The nearest shopping was either the grocery store about five minutes or so away, or a ten or fifteen-minute ride up the road to go the shops up in another town. The best part of spending over half my life in the first county where I grew up, however, was the pure fact that the beach was about five or ten minutes away – or somewhere in between there. It was normal for us to just go down to the beach and have a walk, and Fourth of July was one of the best times to be down at the beach to see the wonderful firework display.

When I was 16, myself and my family relocated to Accomack County; basically, just up the highway so not really too far. Our first home in this new county was quite great, and my brother and I settled into our new schools straight away. Don’t get me wrong; it was quite annoying that we lived a good fifteen minutes or so from the highway, but the area was nice and our neighborhood was really quiet. Our neighbors were nice; so, everything was cool. Granted, the shopping trips across the bay grew few and father in between; our shopping trips to Norfolk now being traded in for trips to Pocomoke and Salisbury considering the Maryland state line wasn’t far anymore.

However, a couple years later – a couple months before my eighteenth birthday – we relocated once again to a higher part of Accomack Country; probably about fifteen minutes or so – or maybe twenty – from where we were living. The Maryland state line was now roughly twenty minutes away, which meant trips to Pocomoke and Salisbury were much more frequent and made for good weekend trips. We lived in another really quiet neighborhood with really nice neighbors; my brother and I finished out our school years quite strong and I ultimately went to Community College for a couple years. Even my job was about ten minutes from where I lived; everything was great.

Growing up on the Eastern Shore may have been boring at times, but I won’t deny that I didn’t quite like it. When we did get snow, school would be cancelled straight away – partly because I swear there’s certain parts of Virginia that don’t know how to handle snow – but because a lot of people were living on the backroads of the Eastern Shore and so the roads would be covered for days at a time. In the summer, the beaches were packed with people basking in the sunlight and trying to have a swim in the bay or the ocean. One of my favorite places to go was the Corner Bakery in Onancock, with their freshly made sweets at decent prices and such.

Actually, thinking about it now, I quite miss that place. I have yet to find a place that lives up to Corner Bakery standards since being in Virginia Beach, but I’ll keep y’all posted.

Anyways, yeah I have to admit, I did love growing up on the Eastern Shore; going to the beach or taking those fifteen minute trips to Sonic, and even the random trips we’d take to Chincoteague or the backroads of the shore and finding different areas and such that we hadn’t discovered before; and I do kind of miss the long rides when I’d be travelling to and from university, as it was at least a three hour trip and so felt like a bit of a road trip. However, I am grateful that my family has been blessed to live in a really lovely neighborhood here now in Virginia Beach, and we have so many more adventures to get into since being here.

Plus, it’s only an hour and a half from my university, which is great because it doesn’t take me as long to get home anymore.

And the Oceanfront is legit like a whole different world to me and so I’m quite excited for summer so I can just be down there constantly (lol).

Even though I now live in Virginia Beach, the Eastern Shore will always be my true home; my roots are there. I haven’t really beed, but I’ll maybe one day get back over there and see a couple friends that I do have left over there. Maybe one day I’ll get back there, maybe one day I’ll retire there.

But no matter what, it will always be my home.

-Me xo