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I usually blog about other things, as you all know; encouraging people to carry on, sharing historical things, talking about my weekend, or sharing my thoughts on situations. This blog for today is going to be a little different, however; so, I hope you all can still enjoy it and that you will share with me.

I don’t blog about celebrities often, and I may only really be writing this because I’m a fan of both parties, BUT I just want to say something; give a more in depth opinion on the relationship that caused a bomb to explode in the celebrity world just over a year ago now. I want to give my in-depth opinion on Cheryl and her equally talented boyfriend, Liam Payne.

Note: I put ‘Cole’ in parenthesis above because that’s what she’s best known as – and I refuse to type that more recent last name.

Right, so as many people know, Liam Payne and Cheryl have been dating since – sometime last year I’ll say. The relationship was hidden from the public eye for a while, with many conflicting anniversary dates surrounding the couple – some say December 2015 is when things began, others say January 2015. However, what is true is that what many considered “innocent comments” on an Instagram picture was quickly followed by the leak of a picture in the grocery store late at night, which led to confirmation of a romance on the 28th of February, 2016.


If anyone out there understands why this is a good and bad thing; well, allow me to explain. This is great for the two parties involved; they no longer have to hide their romance that was destined to come out anyway, and obviously great for fans of her because truthfully, she’d been in a rather bad place months before and now, she seemed happier than ever and was gaining her confidence again, and he seemed to be the reason for that. The happiness radiated from him as well; their smiles were those of genuine love and happiness.

But, like any fans of a boyband – well, more like for fans of One Direction, this is a bad thing.

It seems that One Direction fans, like 90 percent of them, think they own the lads, and like the boys aren’t allowed to have personal lives and have significant others. Everything is “a stunt” to these fans. Every girl associated with a member of the famously talented and handsome group of boys is targeted with words of hate and threats of violence from immature teenagers that think they’re so big and bad behind a computer screen, but wouldn’t survive a day in the real world saying half of these things out loud. When I say I have never seen such derogatory comments targeted towards another human like I saw towards Cheryl when she and Liam went public; that was out of control.

It’s hard to see things like that when it’s one of your role models involved. I’m a huge fan of Cheryl; she’s one of my favorite singers in the world and one of my biggest inspirations, and so it was hard to see these immature brats sending such hateful things towards her and to Liam as well, when they’re supposed to be fans of Liam. She seemed to take it to the chin though; and obviously, it doesn’t really affect them because her and Liam are still going strong now, but still, it was difficult to watch. Fans are supposed to be happy for their idols, right? Happy that their idols are happy, right?

Liam has said time and time again that he is happy, so what’s the problem?

Oh wait – let’s outline all the arguments that have come about in the 13 months since Cheryl and Liam have gone public.

“It’s weird because she met him when he was only 14”

o   A) She paid him no attention and never saw him

o   B) He was a GROWN 22 YEAR OLD MAN when they became good friends due to his work on her last album

Age difference because she’s 10 years older.

o    A) The general public doesn’t care

o   B) It’s only a 10-year gap – there’s higher age gaps so try again

She was still legally married at the time.

o   A) Her husband treated her like scum and the relationship was over long before anyone knew

o   B) Not like she cheated; she filed for divorce before anything happened, the news broke AFTER the holidays

“Chery’s abusive” because she punched her first husband when she found out he cheated (outlined in her book, Cheryl: My Story)

o   A) Sorry, but if my husband lied to my face then it all came out that he cheated, I’d have punched him into another lifetime. Standard reaction to your partner being unfaithful so…

“Cheryl’s racist” because of the UNTRUE comments associated with the toilet attendant assault in 2003

o   A) The woman never said Cheryl used racist language in her original statement to police, only when she spoke to the tabloids

o   B) Club goers and those working that night said they heard the altercation and NOT ONCE was any sort of racist language used

o   C) She punched the woman in self-defense after the woman started on her due to knowing exactly who she was

They’ve literally run out of arguments now, though there might be some left that I forgot to outline in this post. There’s stupid stuff that floats around every now and then saying that the baby doesn’t really belong to Liam and that it’s due to fertilization treatments; stupid because why now when she could’ve done that in the past with anyone else she was with? So, yet another invalid argument. The crap that she gets from those fans is absolutely ridiculous if I’m honest. Granted, there are some really nice Directioners that I’ve made friends with that are really supportive of Cheryl and Liam’s relationship and admit that she’s made him very happy, but majority of them – Christ almighty he needs to block his entire list of followers.

Now, we get to Cheryl’s fans…and this is where I cringe at the actions of my fellow fan base members.

Don’t get me wrong – I adore the pants off of Cheryl; she’s legit one of my favorite singers like I said, and I love how she takes random times to interact with her fans and have a chat. She’s been following me on Twitter for over four years now, and she’s tweeted me about 3 or 4 times and I’ve had a couple DMs from her. She’s fantastic, and I’m actually friends with a good majority of the fan base (SHOUTOUT TO MY PETTY SQUAD AND THE OTHERS WHO KNOW WHO THEY ARE).  

However, there’s always those fans who just grind your gears completely…

And now I present to you, the arguments against Liam that have come about in the 13 months since Cheryl and Liam went public…

“He’s too young for her”

o   A) He’s 23 years old and perfectly capable of making his own decisions and is more mature than most 23 year olds.

“They look unhappy; she needs to get rid of him” Response to pictures that came about of them leaving a restaurant in October

o   A) If a million and one cameras were in my face when I was just trying to peacefully leave a restaurant and I’m pregnant too, I would be FURIOUS. Would you smile? No? Didn’t think so.

“He’s always leaving her; he’s going to be a deadbeat dad”

o   A) Deadbeat father because he’s away working to support his family? This is the one that really got me – people legit calling the lad a deadbeat father because he had to go to Los Angeles to work. He went to work to support his upcoming family. She’s a musician and so is he; I’m sure there’s some understandings in there and like I said, he went to support his FAMILY.

“He’s too young to be a father”

o   A) 23 is a perfectly normal age to become a parent. I have friends who are 21 and so on and have children, and are amazing parents.

o   B) Refer to the first bullet – HE IS MORE MATURE THAN MOST 23 YEAR OLDS.

I think I highlighted most of the arguments that came about from both ends of the spectrum, but in my opinion, I think people just need to stop if I’m honest. The threats of violence towards anybody is uncalled for. Excuse the fact that I’m a fan of both parties; this is from one human being to the next. Nobody deserves the hate that these two have gotten for simply falling in love. It’s not a crime to fall in love with someone; people fall in love all the time regardless of age, sex, etc. To be hated on simply because of who you’ve fallen for and who you’re having a family with is absolutely ridiculous, and I just feel so sorry for anyone that has to be threatened or hated just because of who they’re dating.

Would YOU think it was okay to be hated on for who you’ve fallen in love with? I didn’t think so.

So, to finish this off, I just want to say that I truly wish Cheryl and Liam well. I hope they continue to rise above the hate and stick together, especially for that beautiful little miracle that they’ll be welcoming into the world very soon. I pray that they learn to lean on each other when times get tough, and I pray that their love and bond continues to go from strength to strength as the years go on.

With their cute little posts…

Besides, look at how the lad has a tattoo of her eye dedicated to her…


And truthfully, I feel like this is Cheryl and Liam’s happy ending – it’s about time.

Look at them – LET THEM BE HAPPY!


That’s all for now!

-Me xo