Hello hello everyone!

First of all, apologizes for not having a post on Wednesday – I had to get back into the swing of school and that was an adventure, but anyways – moving on.

So, I actually had another topic in mind for today’s post, but obviously by the title, my topic went out the window. Yeah – let’s just jump right in.

Many people who know me know that I’m an absolutely massive fan of the English singer-songwriter Cheryl (Cole). Ask me any question about Cheryl and I’ll tell you because let’s face it; I think I know just about everything about her. I’ve been a huge fan of her for about nine years now since I first discovered Girls Aloud on YouTube – it seeming that Cheryl just stuck out to me the most. She immediately became my favorite and I continued to follow her as she embarked on a chart topping, record breaking solo career (which still isn’t over because she’ll be back!).

I’ve probably mentioned all that above stuff before but nothing wrong with mentioning it again. Anyways, with watching her reach the incredible highs of her career, I’ve also had to witness the incredible lows associated with her personal life which were expressed in the media for the world to see, not allowing her the privacy to deal with the emotions that came along with these lows. The world watched as she battled a life-threatening illness, as she was rocked by countless allegations of her first husband being unfaithful which led to a heartbreaking divorce; as stress and anxiety consumed her entire being and caused her weight to decrease as she struggled with troubles during her second marriage, which ultimately lead to yet another heartbreaking divorce. She’s been through a lot; most people expressing that there’s no way they’d have been able to carry on if they struggled with even half the things she’d experienced in such a short period of time.

While I’ve been a fan of Cheryl for years and watched her battle through the incredible lows which have plagued her over the years, I have only been a fan of Liam for a little over a year now, as after running from the “One Direction” trend for years, I finally gave them a try after they performed at the X-Factor 2015 final and well, it went from there. They drew me in, and I’ve become fans of them all and continue to follow them on their solo endeavors. While I have not been around to watch the lows that Liam too has experienced since catapulting to fame in 2011, I have heard many stories including people bullying him and sending him hateful letters and comments constantly – from childhood and even through until now, though now some of those bullies are “fans” that are meant to love him. Anyway, he’s experienced some incredible lows as well and managed to get through them all.

And at their worst moments, Cheryl and Liam saw each other, held onto each other, and used their friendship as a platform to launch into a magical relationship…

The odds were against them from day one – some of her fans concerned about his age, majority of his fans just being hateful and rude because well, it’s Liam Payne from One Direction and apparently, the lads of One Direction are forbidden from dating anyone or having families according to some of their fans. Anyway, despite the odds against them and the people whom bombarded them with words of hate and comments about how their relationship wouldn’t last, here they are over a year later, still going strong together without a care in the world.

They finally have someone who appreciates and loves them for who they are as people and not due to their status; they have each other.

And today, the two of them announced that as of Wednesday, the 22nd of March 2017, a new chapter in their lives had finally begun…

Earlier in the day, the two announced that their baby son had arrived into the world the other day, and he’s healthy and happy and Cheryl’s alright. While many people had been expecting them to have a girl, as long as the baby is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. The two of them found love with each other at a pretty unexpected time, and yet their love has continued to grow stronger and shine despite the stones people have thrown at it.

Let’s be real – Liam isn’t letting her go anywhere; she and their son mean the world to him; just like Liam and their son mean the world to her.


They don’t see the hate; all they see is each other and their future…

To Cheryl and Liam – wishing you a massive congratulations on the birth of your baby son. It’s time for you two to be happy now; time for the happy ending that you’ve both worked so hard to achieve to finally become a reality. No more sadness, no more broken hearts; happiness from now on. I pray that your bond and your love continues to strengthen as time goes on; ignore the hate – rise together and I know you’ll be providing the best life for your beautiful son.

And Cheryl – happy first Mother’s Day you beautiful woman!

-Me xo