Hello hello!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s nearly the weekend and I’m ridiculously excited! I’m going home to get a nice home cooked meal – oh, and spend time with the family obviously!

So, I ran a poll on my social media and this week, and apparently, people want to know about some of my favorite musicians. I love music – honestly music is such a beautiful thing. Having those lyrics that can express exactly how you feel about a situation and a gorgeous melody behind it; just a powerful, beautiful thing. My love of music is strong, and that’s probably why I have so many favorite musicians to choose from. However, for this post, I’ll only choose a few. There’s so many to choose from, but let’s get the two obvious ones out of the way.


This absolute beauty up here – man, she’s perhaps my favorite singer in the whole entire world. For those of you who don’t know, Cheryl’s an English singer from the north east of England, from a place called Newcastle. I think she’s called the “angel of the north” over in England, and is known as the Nation’s Sweetheart. However, behind the exterior of beautiful brown eyes and the dazzling dimpled smile lies the heart of a not only incredibly humble, giving human being, but an absolutely amazing performer with a beautiful voice who does more than just sing. She puts on a show, and her sell out arena tour from a few years ago proved just that point that she knows how to put on a show. She’s had four amazing solo albums, and holds the record as the only female UK solo artist to have five of her solo singles go straight to number one. In addition to being an amazing performer, her charity work is another reason why so many people fall in love with her. She’s been working with the Prince’s Trust for the last five years or so and is now having a center built in her home city of Newcastle, to help disadvantaged people across the north east stay out of trouble and realize their dreams. She gives hope to so many, especially with the way she gets up and readjusts her crown whenever life knocks her down. She’s actually in a very happy place right now and I pray it stays that way, because I love when she’s happy and she truly deserves happiness.

Céline Dion

I don’t think many people realize that I quite actually like this woman; I don’t even think I realized how much I truly liked her until about three weeks or so ago when she came on shuffle on my phone. I suddenly remembered that she’s got the voice of an angel, and over the last few weeks I’ve been listening to a load of her songs and watching interviews with her, etc. Celine Dion has the voice of an angel I mean honestly, and despite her success, she too has remained so humble. I love watching clips of her performing then seeing her reaction when she’s getting a standing ovation. She takes a little bow and looks almost in disbelief that they’re clapping so much for her; she’s truly a wonderful person. I would love to go to Las Vegas and see her show; I hear that it’s a spectacular sight to see and of course, hearing her voice live – that would be amazing.

Niykee Heaton

I LOVE NIYKEE HEATON OMG! Niykee Heaton – leader of the NBK Cult (it’s her fanbase before anyone gets any other ideas). Niykee is another incredible person, sharing her talent and her art with this world without the backing she should have behind her. Between her and her manager Lauren, they make things happen and I absolutely love them. She writes and produces her own music, putting so much blood, sweat, and energy into everything she does. She’s done two sell-out tours, she puts so much into the merchandise for her fans – she does a lot. People think she’s a bit stuck up but I don’t; she’s an incredibly humble person with a heart of gold and I adore her. People have a lot to say because a lot of pictures of her are very risqué; they criticize her for posing nude. However, she’s explained before that she’s been bullied about her curvier frame (why I don’t know because she’s frickin’ beautiful) and for a long time, she was uncomfortable with the way her body looked. If she poses nude now it isn’t for sexual purposes, but to show how comfortable she now is with her body and I think that’s great. She uses her platform and experiences to inspire so many, and I’m truly proud of her.


Halsey – another great singer that I feel needs more recognition then she gets. Halsey is an incredible artist and performer; her voice is beautiful, she puts on a show – she’s just amazing. I love how she expresses herself and her feelings through beautiful lyrics, I love that she is so open and uses her struggles to help others through any situations they may be facing. I still remember one of the hardest things to read was her opening up about suffering a miscarriage literally hours before going on stage, but not wanting to let anyone down and so she went on stage later in the night that way. To share that heartbreaking story was brave, and I applaud her for doing so because she may have helped so many other people whom were struggling with the same thing. I look forward to more music from Halsey; she’s an absolutely wonderful person and I know she’s not finished. She’s only just begun.


Janine is AMAZING! Another person with another beautiful voice, with lyrics that have such meaning behind them – her music is beautiful. She was formerly called Janine and the Mixtape, which is how I originally found out about her a while back. I love watching her grow into this artist that she’s turning into, finding her place in the industry and creating her own sound; it’s so lovely. I look forward to more from her – the full-length album, the concerts; everything. She’s another incredible singer with great songs that you will never get enough of and I’m proud of her.


I quite like Kehlani. She’s not really everyone’s cup of tea, but I for one think she has an amazing voice and is another great performer. I know she’s gone through some rough times, but she’s risen up and come back stronger than ever with fight and determination bubbling inside of her. Her You Should Be Here EP quickly became one of my favorite things to listen to earlier this year, causing me to completely fall in love with her. She’s another very humble human being as well, and she’s another artist that I look forward to hearing more from and hearing more about.

Bebe Rexha

I adore Bebe Rexha – she follows me on Twitter actually; random but she does. Her music is so catchy and pure and solid and true; she’s great and she’s doing great things in this world. I love how she doesn’t let anyone stop her or tear her down. She continues to say and do whatever is on her mind and she lets her fans come on the journey of music with her. She lets them inside her head, she shares her arts and passions and love of everything with her fans and it’s a beautiful thing. She’s also an incredible performer and is in the middle of a highly successful tour right now, which I am very proud of her for.

I obviously have so many more favorite musicians, but for this post, I just talked about those whom I adore to pieces – plus, I took my most recently played artists off iTunes and it was these beauties. Music is such a beautiful thing and I feel grateful to have so many amazing artists’ music on my phone to listen to, as everyone is so talented in their own way and it’s great.

Music is life – that is all.

-Me xo