Hey guys!

I know it’s now technically Thursday, and really, I was gonna leave this post and not write it until after I returned from my internship. However, I figured that while the thoughts were still roaming around my head, I would go ahead and write all this down before I head off to sleep.

Also, I want to say now that this is not meant to point fingers at anyone – like it’s about no one in particular. Inspired by the conversations I’ve had with friends really.

But if the slipper fits you, you might want to reevaluate some things.

Anyways, I try to keep an open mind about things and provide logical explanations to the things that happen in the world of myself and my friends. I’m just that type of person; I keep a level head and I try not to jump to conclusions about things because, well I just don’t. However, what I hate is people being screwed over by people that are meant to care about them. Empty promises that end up leaving the people I care about with broken hearts, which in turn breaks my heart because I want nothing more than the people I care about to be happy. Happy means healthy, and being healthy and happy is very important this day and age.

Moving on to the point…

I will never understand why people feel the need to entertain other people either while they’re in a relationship, or while they like someone. Don’t do that; don’t mess with people’s feelings. Maybe I’m overly sensitive and seeing it wrong, but that’s certainly what it seems like to me. I can’t begin to express how often my friend has come to me about people simply messing her about; claiming to like her so much yet entertaining these other people when she’s already been through so much heartache and has just now learned to love herself again. People have got to take other people’s feelings into consideration I think. You’ve got to understand that things hurt, and people take things – take feelings – quite seriously. If you tell someone you like them, you should ONLY be entertaining that person. Don’t be entertaining every Tom, Dick, and Harry around the country; that’s not even cool dude.

I will ever understand why people will tell someone they like them or want to build a relationship with them, then ignore them for days at a time. What happened to communication? I understand life gets in the way sometimes and people get busy and that’s okay. We’re all young adults and life happens; I get it – I promise I do. However, putting effort in and showing that despite the life situations, you still want to build with someone, proves that you really are serious instead of telling someone what they want to hear. Don’t screw people over; that’s not cool at all. Don’t have them waiting around for you to act right; people get bored and will walk away – just saying.

I will never understand why people will continue to go back to the same negative situation that will ultimately end with them being torn straight back down to square one. I understand love is a very strong, powerful emotion, but it breaks my heart so much to see people constantly being treated like the gum on the bottom of a shoe by their partner. Your partner is meant to support you and lift you up, fill you with so much joy and love and happiness. Partners aren’t meant to tear you down and make you feel so worthless. Partners aren’t meant to make you feel like pond water; partners aren’t meant to fill you with so much dread and sadness, partners aren’t meant to make the tears fall from your eyes. They aren’t supposed to do that, and it breaks my heart that so many guys and girls really have these situations going on where they just stay in this negative situation because they don’t realize that they deserve so much better.

I’ve said all that to say this – and this isn’t just for my friends but it’s for anyone that feels like they’re going through a hard time in a relationship or even with just liking somebody. Please understand that you are sparkling Fiji water, not dirty pond water. I know that’s a pretty crazy comparison but it’s true; you’re all so beautiful and sparkling, you have so much to give. You’re not disgusting, you’re not worthless. You all are wonderful human beings that deserve all the beautiful things in life. We as people all deserve the moon and the stars, and you all definitely deserve someone that will give you all those things.

Don’t ever think you need that guy or girl that’s deliberately ignoring you for days at a time.

Don’t ever think you need that guy or girl that’s constantly making you feel like you’re worthless.

Don’t ever think you need that guy or girl that’s making promises to you but entertaining the other ones.

Don’t ever think you need that guy or girl that’s making those tears fall from your eyes 24/7.

Don’t ever sit around and think that you’re weak. You are strong and you deserve the absolute world and more. Stand up for yourself and stand up for what you believe in. You have a voice, my love; you really do and it’s time to use it for yourself. Not for anyone else – FOR YOURSELF. USE YOUR VOICE FOR YOURSELF.

Gals and guys, come on – put those crowns on because you’re all Kings and Queens and you deserve the world.

And if anyone ever needs help, believe me, I got you!

That is all folks; it’s time for bed!

Goodnight kings and queens – keep those crowns on and sweet dreams to you all!

-Me xo