2AM Thoughts

Hey everyone!

I had another post planned for today, but I wrote this post around 2 o’clock this morning when I was listening to a bit of music, etc. So, I present to you all – my 2AM Thoughts.

People are so – flighty; is that the right word? I don’t even know. It’s like 2am and this was on my mind, and I share everything with my blog readers, right? Well, now you get to read about what’s on my mind.

I don’t get people. Not just for myself but anyone – like people are so confusing. You can be there for a person constantly. You can literally drop everything to talk someone out of doing something harmful to themselves, or just be supportive and be a friend to people. Does that mean they’ll be the same way towards you when you need them? You’d think so right? Does that actually happen? Lol – no. Believe me, this is true and I’m speaking from experience.

There’s a saying I think – about people will be around as long as it benefits them, a person will stick around. Accuracy – because as long as you’re helping a person, they’ll stick around. But as soon as you need them or need to vent, they disappear or they brush you off as a bother or ignore you – and that hurts a lot, doesn’t it? God, it hurts your feelings, doesn’t it? I know it does. It hurts when friends you thought would be there, or people you thought you could count on, suddenly can’t be bothered with you anymore and brush you off, or ignore all your attempts to have a conversation. Bro – it sucks.

I bet you feel so sad. You want to cry but the tears won’t come out; there’s just this ball of emotion stuck in your throat, shaking back and forth trying to decide whether it’ll go away or just burst out in the form of sobs and tears. Just cry; it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be sad because friends cast you aside. It’s okay – it’s okay to cry because the same people you’re always there for suddenly can’t be bothered with you and it’s hurting you. It’s okay – just let it out.

But let me also say something else – you deserve so much better. You deserve the world. You deserve the smiles, the laughter, the fun times. Those friends you have now? The ones that are actually there and talk to you and help you? You deserve them. With having those friends, you need to forget about that one friend that’s causing you all this pain. Forget about that friend that’s been blatantly ignoring you for a month yet posting on social media. Forget about that friend that’s brushed you aside when you want to talk about something that’s bothering you. Forget all about that because you’re an absolute queen/king. You’re royalty, you’re epic, you’re magical – you’re EVERYTHING.

You’re a person that deserves the absolute best and all the beautiful things in life.

Lift your head up and adjust that crown – you’re okay now.

And those are my 2AM thoughts.

-Me xo


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