It is not often that I write a post responding to such events, but tonight, I can’t stop myself from saying something.

I write this post with a heavy heart.

I write this post with slight tears in my eyes.

I will write this until I get everything I need to say out of my system.

Tonight – there were innocent people all gathered at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. Parents and children, young adults in a group together, and a young woman with her team; these people were all there for one sole reason – a night of music and fun to wash away the stresses of whatever has been plaguing them. The audience gathered to have a great night to see this talented young woman, yet a night of fun turned to sheer panic and terror.

Some wondered if it was an accident, though apparently, this incident is being investigated as a “possible act of terror”. Wow – I can’t even put this into words.

I actually feel a bit sick. Music; wow – the music, many of us use music as an escape, don’t we? The melodies and lyrics flow through our brains, allowing us to escape from the dark, harsh realities of the world we live in. Concerts are like the physical being of that world; concerts allow for us to go into a place, lose ourselves for a couple hours and just think purely about the music and good times. Concerts are meant to be a happy place.

Tonight, this concert wasn’t a happy place – and it breaks my heart; another horrible, senseless crime in this world and it breaks my heart.

How can one be so heartless that they will take the lives of innocent people? Is it in the name of a religion? Someone correct me as I do not want to sound ignorant, but I simply do not understand. I can’t fathom how a person can be “okay” with taking away innocent lives, just because. My heart hurts so much. There are apparently people still missing as I write this; thousands of people broadcasting across social media, begging for information on the whereabouts of their loved ones who attended the show tonight. How can people be so heartless to make another family suffer like this and simply not care? I feel so sick.

The one good thing I’ve heard come from this is that there’s a Holiday Inn (I think) that is taking in children who are without parents, holding them there until they can get their parents or guardians to come get them. There are apparently people opening their homes for those who have nowhere to go following this incident. At least there are good people in this world, right? In a dark, harsh world, there are still people that have a heart – and that’s a good thing.

I also want to say this – there are several mean, disgusting comments being made towards Ariana Grande during this time as well; people commenting “this is what happens when you listen to Ariana Grande” or “I almost died when I listened to Ariana Grande too”. Listen to yourself – do you realize how ignorant and disgusting you sound? Whether you listen to her music or not, regardless, PEOPLE DIED TONIGHT. Show some respect, please. To the people already being horrible and selfish because of a possibility of Ariana cancelling some shows or the rest of her tour; SHOW SOME RESPECT. There were innocent fans at her show tonight, who came to see her, who then died after seeing her concert. At the end of the day, regardless of status, SHE IS HUMAN. She is bound to be affected by such a close call, bound to be affected by something happening to those she loves so dearly. So, stop being selfish and disgusting.

I say all that to say this – my heart breaks every time something happens in the world. I simply could not keep my mouth shut tonight. As a young adult whom continues to grow in this world, as a young adult with family members and friends that I am close to, and especially as a young adult with two beautiful nephews who have not experienced the harsh realities of the world, I just pray for better days. I pray that one day, we can stop all the foolishness and evil acts in the world, and just live under one world, in peace and harmony with one another. Sure, it’s a long shot wish, a long shot prayer – but that is my ultimate wish and prayer; to live in peace.

Please, can’t we all just live in peace?

To Manchester: I send you my endless love and support. I pray for you. I pray for the families and friends of those affected by such a tragedy. The world is standing with you all and we will help you conquer. Sending love.

That’s all tonight guys – I’ll be back with what I originally had planned on Wednesday or Sunday; idk.

Me xo