Hey everybody!

After a long week, here’s a more positive blog post – I guess.

People wanted me to do kind of a review of Strip That Down! I don’t usually do music reviews so this actually might be kind of short, but we’ll see! This might be a bit of a story of me listening to Strip That Down and a bit of a review.

So, as most people may know, I’ve become a huge fan of One Direction (I know, now that they’re on hiatus I’m loving them lol). They’re all such talented young men – even down to Zayn who left the band. Each one of the guys brings a different vibe to the band, and it shows through their solo music that is being released. Zayn went down the R&B route with his music, and then Harry went down the classic rock route, Niall more with the acoustics and guitarist routes, and then Louis with the dance route.

And finally, the one I personally was waiting for – Payno!

Liam…man, there’s so much I could say about Liam Payne (He’s hot af for one lol). He too is an incredibly talented young man with the writing talents of a God – well, okay all the boys have writing talents of a God but Liam’s my favorite so I’m slightly biased.

Okay moving on!

So, I’ve been waiting for Liam’s solo stuff for a GOOD MINUTE it seems like, but obviously he worked at his own pace and obviously, there was another priority that seemed to be more important first as well. After taking some time off and being at home to spend time with his family, Liam embarked on a promotional tour a couple weeks ago ahead of the release of the single. Judging by the tweets of lucky fans whom were able to go to these fan events and such at the radio stations, it was clear that Liam’s single was going to be one to leave a mark on the fans.

Mannnn, when I say he didn’t disappoint with this one? Oh my GOD!

Okay, first off – not gonna lie, when I heard that Quavo was featured, I was a bit like ‘why’ because I’m personally not really a fan of Migos – though I did love their rap in the remix of Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton. Also, when I heard the title was called Strip That Down, I was intrigued to be fair. Then, obviously when I heard the teaser; that sealed it for me – the beat sucked me in and immediately, I knew Liam had a summer song.

Fast forward to 12:00am – Friday, May 19th, 2017.

Me and one of my best friends, Ruth (shout out to the squad), were the only two up in the group chat, giving a countdown and trying not to vomit because we were so excited about the single. When the time reached 12, I never opened Spotify so fast in my life, my fingers shaking with excitement as it took everything in me to properly type Liam’s name into Spotify to go to his Artist page (I spelled his name wrong three times and nearly pushed my laptop in the floor because I was frustrated). When I saw that Strip That Down was available to stream, I took a deep breath and clicked Play.


Everything I typed from Twitter to Ruth in the group chat is a bit of a blur. The beat instantly made me want to dance; a beat so fresh and giving off that summery/club kind of vibe, it was amazing. Liam’s smooth vocals began to filter into my ears and I was taken to this musical paradise. There were some bits alone that made me think…

You know I been takin’ some time

And I been keepin’ to myself

I had my eyes up on the prize

Ain’t watchin’ anybody else

But your love it hit me hard girl

Yeah you’re bad for my health

I love the cards that I’ve been dealt

Do you feel the same as well


OKAY! Not gonna lie – that verse alone made me think of Liam’s leading lady. Especially due to prior knowledge of knowing she was his dream girl and he had a crush on her for years, and now they’re together and they have their little one. The ‘I love the cards that I’ve been dealt’ is an indication to me that Liam is loving life; the girl he had his eyes on, “the prize” is his now and he’s winning at life.

Moving on…

Okay I’m not gonna analyze every single bit but just the lyrics and versus that left me squealing…

So, a lot of people had a lot to say about the ‘You know I used to be in 1D – now I’m free’ or whatever line. People were taking it in a negative sense, but personally, I never did. I felt like he just meant it has he used to be locked into having to sing and write certain songs pertaining to One Direction and the image and sound they were. Now, he’s “free”, he’s able to write his own songs to his own style, and while he’s forever grateful for One Direction, he’s glad to be able to experience his own things now. There’s also the line that says, ‘People want me for one thing – that’s not me’ which I think is a subtle reference to maybe being used by people and having them only want him or associate with him because he’s famous.

Obviously, we have the chorus of Strip That Down. Throughout the chorus, Liam basically expresses that it’s only one girl that can dance with him. He doesn’t sing about multiple girls being on him and dancing with him, he’s singling out one particular girl. He says, ‘There’s a lot of people in the crowd but only you can dance with me’ which means he only wants that one special girl. In my opinion, this is another subtle reference to his lady love. She’s the only girl he wants now because he’s crushed on her for so long. Even listening to how he speaks about her now, it’s clear that this is something extremely special.

Okay, so then we get to the second verse and the whole verse kills me so let’s just look at that…

You know, that since the day I met you

Yeah, you swept me off my feet

You know, that I don’t need no money

When your love is beside me

Yeah, you opened up my heart

And then you threw away the key

Girl, now it’s just you and me

And you don’t care ’bout, where I’ve been

Again, I feel like this verse is a subtle reference to his girl. In my opinion, he’s singing about crushing hard on someone and feeling something special since the day he met them, and now that he has their love, he’s content and doesn’t need anything else to make him happy – just their love is enough for him. He’s also singing about how this person has opened up his heart to true love and shows no signs of leaving because they’ve “thrown away the key”. He finishes off the verse emphasizing that now it’s the two of them against the world and the best part is his love doesn’t care where he’s been. Basically, I think this means she’s shown him true love and now he’s with her; and she doesn’t care about who he is in terms of One Direction or even care that he’s famous in general; and that’s a first for him – he has someone who doesn’t care that he’s famous and just wants to be with him; and I think that’s because she too is famous so to her, Liam is just Liam; and that’s special.

Now we get to Quavo’s rap – BRO!

I unashamedly had Quavo’s whole rap bit down within an hour; that’s how many times I played Strip That Down in a whole hour. I can’t even analyze the whole rap but the line that got me was this one;

‘I took her from her man; don’t nobody know’


Guys, when I heard that line, I literally paused for a second and was like; ‘Errrrrt – did he just say…nahhhhhh!’ DUDE! That’s like my favorite line of the rap and I won’t even go into what I was thinking about when I heard that line. Let’s just not go there okay… *sips tea*.

Okay the last bit that got me was when he was finishing off the song and he goes;

‘You’re the one, girl; c’mon strip that down for me’

Again, not referencing multiple girls; placing emphasis on only wanting one girl…I’m done.

So basically, there’s my story and review of Strip That Down. I’m incredibly proud of all the One Direction boys so far with their solo endeavors and I wish them nothing but continued success because they’re incredibly talented and deserve it.

Well, that’s all here – bye!

-Me xo