Hi everyone!

Sorry I’m a bit slack with the blogs! I’ll be honest; I’ve been bit preoccupied but I’m here now and with a post! So let’s get into it!

So, as you all may recall, there was a horrible terrorist incident a couple weeks ago in Manchester, just after an Ariana Grande concert finished. I blogged a bit about it, releasing my frustrations. Now, I want to discuss the response – the loveliest, beautiful benefit concert; One Love Manchester.

One Love Manchester full show: https://youtu.be/w9yak899MUs

I’m not sure how many of you seen it, but the One Love Manchester benefit concert came on television a few days ago; this past Sunday to be exact. It was the first time young people would come together since that night, a slew of artists were signed up to perform and be part of a night of love and music, and the world watched and waited as this would be the first time Ariana would be seen to perform since that night. I have to admit; what a beautiful night it was.

I won’t lie; there were a couple artists on there that I hadn’t really heard of, but it didn’t really matter because this was a night to celebrate love; to celebrate the power and result of coming together and spreading love through friendship and music. The concept of the show was beautiful; so many artists dropping what they had going on to celebrate and come together for one night, to send love and support to the victims of that horrible incident. On the times where Ariana was on stage, especially as it grew closer to the end, onlookers could tell the emotion was overwhelming. However, she carried on with bravery and determination. There was even the beautiful sight of the police officers in their bright vests forming a heart at one point, and dancing with children at other points. The whole concert was lovely from start to finish; I quite enjoyed it!

Many people had a lot to say about her initial response – the way she postponed some dates of her tour and went home to spend time with her family in Florida. Many people painted her as selfish for not visiting the victims straight away (side eye to Piers Morgan). I feel like people forgot for a moment that Ariana was a human being with actual feelings, and to know that it was her show that people attended that resulted in tragedy – even though it wasn’t her fault, she felt terrible.

Yet, Ariana managed to come back to Manchester with a strong mind, a kind heart, and brave face. She visited the victims in hospitals, bringing them gifts and comforting them whilst shedding tears, sharing stories, and so on. She and her team – within a few days – managed to organize a whole benefit concert where all money raised would go towards the victims of the incident. She held her composure throughout the show, only becoming choked up at the end when she was thanking everyone for their support. She spread so much love and kindness, she earned respect from so many – and earned an apology from Piers Morgan.

And the power of love and music truly shown through, and continues to shine through as Ariana is now bravely continuing her Dangerous Woman Tour. She’s showing that she isn’t scared, that love and music will always triumph over evil.

I’m proud of her!

Anyways, I know this blog is relatively short, but readers this week wanted me to share my thoughts on the concert. I hope you all enjoyed reading; see you on Sunday!

That is all!

-Me xo