Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone’s had a great weekend and done something productive – or just relaxed, whatever works for you.

Anyways, the other day was National Best Friends Day; and I actually meant to blog about it but I missed it, so why not blog about it now? This post might be kind of short and simple; I’m just gonna talk a bit about friendship and my friends – simple, right? Let’s get to it then!

Friendship – probably a very important aspect in our lives. It’s important to have peers we can trust and share things with, things that we may not feel comfortable sharing with our parents quite yet and we need the opinion or thoughts of our peers. Friends – true friends – are those who feel like family, those you don’t have to question in regards of their loyalty. I’ve certainly had my share of friends where I’ve had to question their loyalty, some of those people not even being my friend anymore, but I’ve also now got some wonderful friends who I know have my back forever. I love having those folks; just people I can talk to about whatever, that I can trust, and that I know genuinely have my best interests at heart.

I’ve made friends through school as well who are wonderful, which is nice because it’s just a lovely thing to know that you’re bonding with people who all have each other’s best interests at heart and are all there for the same reason. We like to have a good time and have a laugh, but it’s nice to have friends who are serious about their studies and wanting to get out of school. So, that’s really a great thing to have; I like having friends like this.

My main friends are those in my group chat – there’s Emma, Sayagi, Ruth, Jess, and Ant; my “Cheryl fan friends”. What started off as something so small, a group chat to talk about Cheryl’s possible pregnancy before it became completely obvious, escalated to chatting everyday about a variety of things, laughing all the time, and just being each other’s rocks when need be. The chat originally started as me, Emma, Ant, and Sayagi in October, and eventually, Ruth came to our chat a few days later. We had another girl in once before but she couldn’t be trusted (literally blew up and left after we confronted her about something so small but okay). Just some months ago – roughly a few weeks into 2017 – our baby of the group joined, Jess! I think since then we’ve agreed that no one else is allowed in our group chat, but other than that, the chat is amazing. We simply speak every day about any and everything, and it’s the loveliest thing.

Then, I have another really close friend called Leti – courtesy of One Direction, and she’s just absolutely amazing. She’s another friend of mine that I speak to every single day and we just talk and laugh – and share ghost stories because we believe in those things. She’s so epic; who would’ve known that messaging me after my birthday would turn into this – eh?

I could talk about all my friends really; but my main friends I’ve mentioned above are just examples of some of the best people I know. Like I said, it’s always good to have people in your life that have your best interests at heart, that almost feel like family. I’m so lucky and blessed to have friends in my life that I can count on, and I can only hope that all of you reading this have some amazing friends as well.

Feel free to comment and show some love about your friends as well, I don’t mind!

That is all – see you on Wednesday!

-Me xo