Hi everyone!

I’m a bit late with the blog today; my apologies! Been hanging around and such today, went out for a nice walk this evening – today’s genuinely been an alright day actually!

Anyways, moving on – I did a poll on my social media again to find out what people wanted to hear about this week, and it was a choice between a post on How I Stay Positive and 10 Facts About Me. Today, I’m choosing to write 10 facts about myself.

Let’s get into it – shall we?

  1. I love writing.

I have a whole blog – and I think on this blog I’ve made roughly 40 posts; or something along those lines. Writing is the way I express myself or what I’m feeling, whether that be through writing posts on my blog or writing fan fiction in a way that the characters are going through what may be going on in my head; if that makes any sense – but okay.

  1. I’m very picky when it comes to my vegetables – I HATE peas and corn with an absolute passion.

I was telling a friend of mine about this and they couldn’t believe it – but no, I can’t get with peas and corn man; just no. They just taste so, meh.

  1. I hate the films Free Willy (and the sequels) and ET.

This might sound stupid, but God I hate those films so much – like with an absolute passion. I don’t even know why as well. I’ve tried really hard to watch them but I just can’t get with it; they make me depressed or something.

  1. My first celebrity crush – Jesse McCartney

Okay let’s be real – I think every like ten-year-old girl and/or teenager during the time of 2004/2005/whatever had a massive crush on that guy and swore they would marry him. I will admit now that I was one of those girls.

  1. I didn’t go to my first concert till I was 18.


True story – and that first concert was to see Keyshia Cole in Norfolk. I loved her though; it was the best night I had like ever and I loved every single bit of it. I still love her; she’s amazing!


  1. I once won a poster contest in first grade.

It was a poster contest about conserving trees or something – something along those lines. I was in the first grade; I couldn’t draw (still can’t) but I apparently drew well enough and got the point across about the importance of trees because I ended up winning like second place or something for the District where my school was. I ended up on our little news program we had at elementary school and everything; it was hilarious. I actually think I won money for that as well.

  1. I stan an English popstar called Cheryl (Tweedy).

Yes – I do, I really do. Most people who know me know that I’m absolutely obsessed with her. She’s one of my favorite singers for one, but she just draws me in with her down to Earth, chilled out, friendly vibe she gives off. She’s one of those people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, that just draw you into them and leave you longing to know more – yeah, that’s Cheryl; and I love her to bits!

  1. I also stan a French-Canadian icon called Celine Dion.

Again – most people who know me know that I ADORE Celine Dion as well. She’s a bit like Cheryl; just so chilled out and friendly, she just draws you in. Her voice is that of an angel I’m convinced; we don’t deserve her (lol). Nah, I love her too; she’s pretty freaking dope!

  1. I love the show Ghost Adventures.

I’m completely, unashamedly obsessed with that show to the point where I was literally so glad when this weekend arrived because I knew that there would be a brand new episode – and believe me I had been counting the weeks. Nah, but I just love anything with paranormal type stuff but Ghost Adventures is my favorite. I’ve been watching it since 2008 when it first began, and now it’s at season 14 so almost ten years now. I love learning the history of these places and then seeing how they go about capturing evidence that do prove that the paranormal exists. It’s fascinating.

  1. Final fact – I love crime shows.

No lies here – I love crime shows; my favorite is Forensic Files hands down. I may not be studying this in school, but I always have found it fascinating how detectives can solve a case and figure out so much about a person or a suspect just based off the tiniest thing like a fiber of hair or a faded handprint or spec of blood. It’s an amazingly fascinating thing; I love it.

So here we go – those are ten facts about me. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading these random tidbits of information about me – I enjoyed writing them and putting my own little quirky twist on little facts about myself.

I’ll see you all again on Sunday!

That is all.

-Me xo