Hey guys!

So…I know I’ve been slacking a lot with the blogs. I’ve downed it now to once a week; Sundays only, so everyone will have a week to read what’s been posted, etc and it’ll be a bit more spaced out. I promise I’ll get back to blogging properly guys, I promise. Thank you everyone for the support on the blog, and thank you for being so patient.

NOW – on to today’s blog

Okay; I know it’s Friday and I never blog on a Friday, but it’s a special Friday in my world today. Today is the 30th of June – the end of the month to many, but to me, today is the day a legend in the form of my favorite singer was born into the world. This post will be kind of short, but it’s just to say happy birthday to my favorite singer ever.

Cheryl…there’s a lot I could say about Cheryl. Throughout the last eight years of stanning such an iconic woman, I have witnessed the many, many lows of her life that have been splashed across various newspapers throughout the world. The world watched as her personal life was splashed across the newspapers; constant heartbreak and unhappiness for the world to see. With tears in her eyes, she’s been so open about her struggles throughout her life. She even put herself out there and wrote her autobiography, telling just the first part of her story that is so far from over, but a story that was full of lows yet incredible highs; many lows that showed exactly how strong Cheryl could be in any situation.

Despite everything – all the heartbreak and pain and tears – she kept smiling.

There’s mixed opinions about Cheryl sometimes – she can be very misunderstood because people like to base their opinion of her off what the media says rather than actually listen to her speak. Anyways, I adore this woman. Her strength and determination to carry on is inspiring; every time she falls, she picks herself up and dusts herself off before carrying on like the queen she is. She may not have that Mariah Carey voice – which she says herself – but she’s an incredibly talented woman that just wanted to sing, dance, and make people happy, which is what she does. Her music can lift anyone up even on the darkest of days and give them the strength to carry on when they feel like giving up.

What I love the most – besides the music – is her philanthropy work. Cheryl received an award for such work last year, and she continues to dedicate her time to helping the youth of her home city of Newcastle. For many who don’t realize this, for the last six years or so, Cheryl has been working closely with the Prince’s Trust in England, ultimately setting up her own charity called Cheryl’s Trust. Cheryl’s Trust was designed to help keep young people across Newcastle off the streets and provide them with the necessary tools to be successful in life. Over the last six years, Cheryl has done many charity events in aid of her trust, traveled back and forth to Newcastle a few times a year to visit with individuals who have benefited from what Cheryl’s Trust has provided them with. This year, a center will be opening in Newcastle, thanks to Cheryl’s Trust; to help continue the work she has already started. This is just one example out of many other times Cheryl has done work for charity, proving that despite everything, her heart is so golden and true that she would do anything to help others.

My one hope for today was that Cheryl would have the happiest birthday – just a day full of happiness and smiles that were a long time coming. This is her first birthday as a mother and her second with her amazingly loving boyfriend, not to mention the constant friends and family that she has in her corner as well. She did tweet a bit ago that she’d had a wonderful day and night and shared a selfie earlier of her dazzling smile and a glow like no other; my girl is finally properly happy, and there’s nothing I want more.

So, to end this blog I just want to say – Happy Birthday Cheryl. 34 years strong; still smiling like a superstar and living the dream that you always wanted to live. I wish you many more years of love and happiness and good health; you deserve all the wonderful things in the world.

That is all.

-Me xo