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Sunday Funday has dawned upon us. It’s a really nice day out actually. The sun is shining and it’s warm out, and…well, this post would’ve been up earlier if I could’ve just kept my mind on this task at hand. I get distracted very easily friends.

Right – let’s get into this blog. I ran the poll on my Twitter to see what people wanted to read about this week, and my followers wanted to know about some older/vintage looks that I quite like. So, well – here we go. I’m only doing a few looks or so, so let’s get on it.

The Flannels, Band T-Shirts, Ripped Jeans – oh, and Combats (90s)

I look at some pictures of individuals wearing these items, and I have to love it. The ‘grunge’ look if you will; flannels with band t-shirts, ripped jeans, combat boots – I love anything of that nature. I don’t know what it is about this look but I just find it so fascinating and trendy, especially given as I love combat boots and jeans with rips in the knee. I often watch videos or shows from the 90s and find myself loving this look, so…yeah this is one of my favorites; the ‘grunge’ look.

The Rise of the Bright Colors (80s)

I’m one that kind of loves bright colors anyway, so the 80s is another era I want to take from when thinking about trends I love. Bright, neon colors are amazing (my favorites being neon pinks and yellows) and just allow outfits or accessories, etc. to pop with how bright they are. Bright jumpsuits and jackets and so on were present during this time, and I quite like that. Even bright makeup was a major aspect, and while I’m not into makeup, I quite like the bright make up. I like the big hair too – just saying.

Dresses over a t-shirt – with the sneakers (90s)

I saw this look on some random show I was watching and loved it straight away. I’m not a dressy person in the slightest – I don’t wear dresses – but I love the concept of this look here. I feel like the t-shirt allowed this dress to go from formal/sexy to casual for a day out or something. I loved it!

Turtleneck and “Mom Jeans” (90s)

This look is pretty cool too. I’m not normally into turtlenecks, but something about this look just works for me and I like it. Just team this with a pair of combats or basic pair of flat sneakers and it’s a win for me. I love this!

Major Rise of Bomber Jackets (80s)

The bomber jacket – rising during the 1980s after going Hollywood! I love a bomber jacket; they always look amazing. The dark color bomber jacket with a pair of jeans – that laid back yet slightly rebellious vibe is what I love. This is another look that works quite well for me; great look!

So, this blog may not be the best post, but those are just a few of the older looks that I quite love. I know some of them are making a comeback and have a modern twist, but sometimes you can’t be the original hey? Anyway, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, and I’ll be back on Sunday with some more.

Thank you guys!

I love y’all!

That is all!

-Me xo



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