Congratulations Cheryl and Liam

Hello hello everyone! First of all, apologizes for not having a post on Wednesday – I had to get back into the swing of school and that was an adventure, but anyways – moving on. So, I actually had another topic in mind for today’s post, but obviously by the title, my topic went out … Continue reading Congratulations Cheryl and Liam


Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self

To Alicia, aged 16; Hey kid – how’s it going? I’m you – at age 21. I just wanted to write you a letter, and talk to you about what may be going on in your head right now regarding junior year of high school and your future. Everything will be okay; I swear. School; … Continue reading Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self

You Deserve Better – 2

Hey everyone! I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. The weather has been pretty nice around here apart from the random hailing that occurred yesterday; but other than that, things haven’t been too bad. I hope you’re all happy and healthy; keep your heads up kings and queens. Right, today’s post might be a … Continue reading You Deserve Better – 2

Happy New Year x 10 Rules for 2017!

Hello everybody!!   I just want to start off by wishing everybody a happy new year! I hope everyone has been safe, and I wish you all nothing but happiness and health! This blog post may be a little different, but it's just an idea of mine. I'm going to set some little rules for … Continue reading Happy New Year x 10 Rules for 2017!

Goodbye Means Hello x New Year’s Edition

Hello everybody! So, as you all know, today is the last Wednesday of 2016. Sunday, which is when my next blog goes up, a new year will have arrived and new opportunities will be upon us. I wanted to be slightly more positive. I want to discuss the top three things I think some individuals … Continue reading Goodbye Means Hello x New Year’s Edition

Be Kind; Don’t Take People For Granted

"People better stop treating the people they love or their significant others any type me of way. Things get real old real fast, eventually people get tired of making excuses for that person, and they get tired of being treated like they simply don't matter. And that's when, despite how much they may love a … Continue reading Be Kind; Don’t Take People For Granted

My First Year Of University

My 2015-2016 school year has been…an interesting school year to say the least. I wanted to originally call it My First Year of College, but I don’t think I should call it that. I’ve already got two years of college under my belt (resulting in an Associate’s Degree that I keep forgetting that I actually … Continue reading My First Year Of University

I’m Just Saying

"Each bottled up emotion, each tear I never cried; I need a big explosion, it's time for me to fly" - Cheryl ("It’s About Time", 2014) I don't have many friends. Like I'll admit that straight away. I really don't have that many friends - maybe a few people that I'm close to and that … Continue reading I’m Just Saying

Mom and Grandma – My Favorites!

So, I was going to wait until Mother’s Day to write about the two most important people in my life, but I just couldn’t wait if I’m honest. I love all of my family more than the world, but these two right here – yeah, they deserve some shout outs. My grandma has always been … Continue reading Mom and Grandma – My Favorites!

5 Things I Want To Do

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to share about five things I want to do at some point in my life 🙂 Meet Cheryl: Stating the obvious here. But seriously, I really want to meet Cheryl. If anyone doesn't know, Cheryl (Tweedy/Cole/Fernandez-Versini) is an English singer/songwriter who rose to fame as a member of the biggest … Continue reading 5 Things I Want To Do