Favorite Musicians

Hello hello!! Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s nearly the weekend and I’m ridiculously excited! I’m going home to get a nice home cooked meal – oh, and spend time with the family obviously! So, I ran a poll on my social media and this week, and apparently, people want to know about some of my favorite … Continue reading Favorite Musicians


On Cheryl (Cole) and Liam Payne

Hey everybody! I usually blog about other things, as you all know; encouraging people to carry on, sharing historical things, talking about my weekend, or sharing my thoughts on situations. This blog for today is going to be a little different, however; so, I hope you all can still enjoy it and that you will … Continue reading On Cheryl (Cole) and Liam Payne

Keep Your Head Up

Hi everyone! Okay truthfully, I knew that idea I had for this post but this was the only title I could really think of. I just wanted to write something that could help someone going through a hard time; so – here we go. I’m sure many of you had gone through a break up; … Continue reading Keep Your Head Up

Weekend Vibes: I Watched ‘Eyes on the Prize’

Good day everyone! Aw wow – happy Wednesday. AS IF February has arrived already. Time seems to be flying already; I swear it feels like 2017 just rolled in and now here we are at the first of February. I hope the year is going well for everyone so far, and if January was a … Continue reading Weekend Vibes: I Watched ‘Eyes on the Prize’

Thoughts…Once Again

Hey everybody!  It's Wednesday, it's blog day, and that means another day of either me ranting, empowering people, or just sharing my opinion over the internet like everyone else does. Now, I don't at all mind if anyone wants to start intelligent conversations without being hateful and mean in the comments – just be nice … Continue reading Thoughts…Once Again

Goodbye Means Hello x New Year’s Edition

Hello everybody! So, as you all know, today is the last Wednesday of 2016. Sunday, which is when my next blog goes up, a new year will have arrived and new opportunities will be upon us. I wanted to be slightly more positive. I want to discuss the top three things I think some individuals … Continue reading Goodbye Means Hello x New Year’s Edition

On Being Body Positive – Blog

Hello everyone!  Alicia here and I’m back with another post – well, it is blog day so it was time for a new post but here I am! I’m really excited to share this post with you and I would love to know what everyone thinks, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Being positive overall … Continue reading On Being Body Positive – Blog

Christmas Memories – Ho Ho Ho

Yes – this title was sang in the tune of Midnight Memories by One Direction; listen to it if you haven’t done so! 😛  Hey everybody! Right guys, as you know, IT’S DECEMBER! December 7th is the date of today actually, which means Christmas literally 18 days away. Where has the year gone? Pretty sure … Continue reading Christmas Memories – Ho Ho Ho

A Post About…Grace

I normally don’t blog about celebrities, but I feel like I have to do a blog about this lovely ball of sunshine. I don’t even think there are enough words to describe how incredible she is. Her voice is that of an angel, the album is a masterpiece, she’s a flawless human being inside and … Continue reading A Post About…Grace

Be Kind; Don’t Take People For Granted

"People better stop treating the people they love or their significant others any type me of way. Things get real old real fast, eventually people get tired of making excuses for that person, and they get tired of being treated like they simply don't matter. And that's when, despite how much they may love a … Continue reading Be Kind; Don’t Take People For Granted