Birthday Vibes for Cheryl

Hey guys! So…I know I’ve been slacking a lot with the blogs. I’ve downed it now to once a week; Sundays only, so everyone will have a week to read what’s been posted, etc and it’ll be a bit more spaced out. I promise I’ll get back to blogging properly guys, I promise. Thank you … Continue reading Birthday Vibes for Cheryl


STORYTIME: Hearing Strip That Down by Liam Payne & Quavo

Hey everybody! After a long week, here’s a more positive blog post – I guess. People wanted me to do kind of a review of Strip That Down! I don’t usually do music reviews so this actually might be kind of short, but we’ll see! This might be a bit of a story of me … Continue reading STORYTIME: Hearing Strip That Down by Liam Payne & Quavo

On Cheryl (Cole) and Liam Payne

Hey everybody! I usually blog about other things, as you all know; encouraging people to carry on, sharing historical things, talking about my weekend, or sharing my thoughts on situations. This blog for today is going to be a little different, however; so, I hope you all can still enjoy it and that you will … Continue reading On Cheryl (Cole) and Liam Payne

A Post About…Grace

I normally don’t blog about celebrities, but I feel like I have to do a blog about this lovely ball of sunshine. I don’t even think there are enough words to describe how incredible she is. Her voice is that of an angel, the album is a masterpiece, she’s a flawless human being inside and … Continue reading A Post About…Grace

A Post About…Cheryl

I rarely blog about anything involving the celebrity world. The few blogs I’ve posted so far focus on topics effecting society today or personal topics like family and friends. However, today I wanted to blog about one of my favorite celebrities, singer-songwriter Cheryl (formerly Cole; current last name that shall not be used). She’s my … Continue reading A Post About…Cheryl